From my little bit of Paradise…

Well, here I am!  I’m writing this from my lovely little green house in Five Islands, Antigua.  I arrived yesterday after a very comfortable journey.  My local taxi driver Dave picked me up on time and we had an easy run-through to LGW.  The flight was an hour late but as I’d booked to fly Upper Class – BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT!! – I spent it in the Virgin Clubhouse.  I was then buggied to the gate – just as well as it was Gate 32 (why do the flights I take never leave from Gate 1?) and I couldn’t have done it with the sciatica and the flight was bliss apart from some of the other passengers.  Now, I don’t like to be awful – they were probably thinking who’s the fat, old blonde who’s not talking to anyone and what’s she doing in Upper Class? – but there were two couples who immediately discovered they were both staying at Galley Bay and it then became like some sort of Gestapo interview. “Have you been there before because we’ve been three times?”   “When were you last there?  We were there last year.”  “Have you upgraded your room?  We have, we’re in one of the luxury suites.”  Travellers’ one-upmanship; people who have been everywhere, done everything yet then had trouble completing the landing form!  And who thought that Caricom was an island.  (For those who don’t know it’s the Caribbean Community – Caribbean version of the EU).

The service onboard was very good, as it usually is with Virgin.  The Cabin Services Manager, Julie and the great team serving Upper Class – Kerry, a wonderful, warm woman who was a ringer for Geri Halliwell and the same age aparently yet she looks ten years younger, and also the wonderful Otis, who was charming, attentive and very easy on the eye, made it a good journey.

Last night I was invited by Noel Howell to the Presentation Awards for his Filmakers Academy.  A really good night – in spite of feeling really tired I was glad I went along with my good friend the very talented Heather Doram.  The Good and the Great of Antigua were there, including Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, Minister for Youth, who gave a cracking speech and also Prime Minister Spencer, who was obviously multi-tasking by attending to matters of State at the same time, texting with a mobile phone in each hand!  The standard of the films while generally high, varied considerably and not always the best one won (in my humble opinion).  I particularly loved the Bridge Over Troubled Water music video.

And so, after a fairly good night’s sleep and very little jet-lag, I’m about to finish unpacking and then go off for a drive to see what’s changed since my last visit before settling back to do some work this afternoon.  Although a swim might be on the cards – do my back good. The garden’s looking good – it’s grown so much in four and a half months.  And it’s good to be here in my other home.

And I’ve just had the first (of many, I hope) reviews on my latest book Sweet Lady from Lynne Evans: Elaine I have just finished reading your book ‘Sweet Lady’ I really enjoyed it. I was totally hooked and ……. Didn’t see that coming ( not giving the plot away) . Well Done Dear 🙂:-) xxx  

Life’s good!

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2 thoughts on “From my little bit of Paradise…

  1. Glad you had a good journey, enjoy your time on my favourite caribbean island. Say hello to Jolly beach for me. Hope your time there is truly fruitful.
    Wendy. x

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