Curtain up. Light the lights.

It’s here.  It’s today.

Singles’s Holiday, my little book, the one that got me fired, is now A PLAY.  And tonight it opens its run at the Brentwood Theatre.  We bring some of Antigua’s holiday magic and sunshine to rainy Essex.  We open the doors on a singles’ holiday.

I feel such a rainbow of emotions; excitement, pride, nervousness, disbelief, gratitude, satisfaction.  I want to stand in the street and yell at passers-by, or run into the superstore and stand at the top of the escalator with a megaphone, or invade the BBC News Chanel and shout into the camera: ‘I’ve done it! My play opens tonight!’

I’ve always believed in making your own future and creating opportunities for yourself.  And now, with the help of an amazing group of people, I’ve done it.  Today Brentwood, tomorrow the West End.

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4 thoughts on “IT’S TODAY!

  1. Hi, we have 4 front and 4 second row seats tonight and love (all) your books and can’t wait to see Singles’ Holiday, the play. It will be fab, enjoy the evening cos we plan to, break a leg (see you there later)

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