Paperback Holdup!

Oh dear!  After last week’s boasting of my books coming out in paperback next week I am having to eat my words.  Amazon just cannot, will not accept my book covers.  I have contacted them and they agreed “as a one-off gesture” to help me with the cover upload for Singles, Set and Match. (They ignored my plea for help with Singles and Spice.)

They sent me a version of my cover in their template to upload.  Now, I need to point out here that I had already been using their template, or rather lovely Lisa Morena of Vanilla Gecko had.  Lisa does all my IT and cover design stuff.  anyway, long story short, we uploaded what they’d sent us only for it to be rejected!

So Amazon’s system rejects the version of the cover that Amazon themselves have sent me.  Got that?

I am at the end of my tether with it all.  I’m spending time I should be writing trying to get these books uploaded.  It’s driving me nuts.

So – paperback versions of my books are coming, but will be a little longer.  BUT – Singles, Set and Match is out on Kindle on Monday!!

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