And Out Of The Woods…

Amid cheers, tears, laughter, grateful thanks and a huge amount of pride the curtain came down on Melabeau’s production of Into the Woods Jr last night.  And what a last night it was!  What a run it was!  And if I may quote every wannabe on the X-Factor, Strictly, BGT et al…  What a journey it was!

I honestly don’t think Julie Barker (our amazing Musical Director) and I fully realised just how ambitious a piece it is for a young group until we really got into rehearsals.  And the Melabeau Junior Company is very young – our youngest member … Read the rest »

Everything at Once

Sometimes….most times…or at least often, everything seems to happen at once.  Not that I’m complaining; nothing is worse than nothing going on.  It would be nice, though, if things spread out a bit more. LOL!

And I’ve organised things so badly!  Wimbledon being a week later has really thrown me.  This week I’ve got a meeting at the Brentwood Theatre, wardrobe and rehearsal for pilot TV show I’m involved in (hush hush at the moment), financial stuff, which I HATE!  I have a huge fear of all things financial, including form-filling.  Fortunately, I have someone helping me to do it … Read the rest »

Wonderful Vaginas, Psychic Slimming and Into the Woods


So, after all the weeks of hard work, rehearsing through Skype, promotion, nerves, tears and belly-laughs, Melabeau Productions’ show, The Vagina Monologues is over.

I had a wonderful time.  It is one of the most empowering, eye-opening, liberating pieces of theatre and I am so glad that we did it.  I give myself a huge pat on the back for my casting decision; Anna Karen, Julie Barker, Feyi Babalola and Teresa Cole formed a formidable team, each very different yet with an almost tangible rapport on and off-stage.  Working with them was truly delightful.  It would have been nice … Read the rest »

Blogpost With Knobs On

Well, what a busy couple of weeks!  I can’t believe how long it has been since my last blog and do apologise for keeping you waiting.  How rude am I?  So here is a longer-than-usual blog; a blog with knobs on, as it were.

I was thrilled and excited to be chosen as one of sixty ‘top authors’ for the Clic_Sargent auction.  People can bid to have a character take on their name in my next book, while donating to a very worthy cause – the Sargent Cancer Care for Children –  all at the same time.  I am in … Read the rest »


January is turning out to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride.  And like most rollercoasters, it’s fast and furious.  Today it is already 20th; eleven more days and it will be February.  Scary or what?  As Einstein said, ‘Time is an illusion.’ (I tell myself that every birthday.)  But is it an illusion that it definitely speeds up as one becomes older, or does it actually speed up?

So, ‘what’s made it a rollercoaster ride?’ I hear you ask.  The answer is that loads is going on and it’s all sooooooo exciting!  Professionally I’m involved with four projects now, … Read the rest »


Wow!  Audience reaction and feedback to Singles’ Holiday has been so positive.  Especially as much of it has come from industry professionals like Anna Scher MBE and Charles Verrell, who were in the audience last night.  I could not be happier – well, unless we were opening in the West End, of course! 🙂  (Universe, are you listening?)

Here are some of the comments:

“It was bloody brilliant Elaine.   I really enjoyed watching.  Had me gripped in parts, belly laughing in others and one of your scenes with Melv even brought a tear to my eye. It was a joy … Read the rest »


Curtain up. Light the lights.

It’s here.  It’s today.

Singles’s Holiday, my little book, the one that got me fired, is now A PLAY.  And tonight it opens its run at the Brentwood Theatre.  We bring some of Antigua’s holiday magic and sunshine to rainy Essex.  We open the doors on a singles’ holiday.

I feel such a rainbow of emotions; excitement, pride, nervousness, disbelief, gratitude, satisfaction.  I want to stand in the street and yell at passers-by, or run into the superstore and stand at the top of the escalator with a megaphone, or invade the BBC News Chanel … Read the rest »

The Law of Compensation – Rough and Smooth

Life has one undeniable Law to keep us grounded, I find: the Law of Compensation.

This is such a wonderful, exciting time for me.  We are deep into rehearsals for Singles’ Holiday and to see it all taking shape is amazing.  And we are blessed and so fortunate to have Peter Dean and Donovan Christian-Cary join the cast.  Working alongside them is a joy and we are all learning so much.  And as a writer, suddenly ‘meeting’ your characters is a strange, yet wonderfully fulfilling, experience.  It’s at the Brentwood Theatre, 13-17 October.

And, Single All The Way is … Read the rest »

It’s Happening!

It’s happening.  It is actually happening.  Singles’ Holiday, the stageplay, is happening!  After so many months of writing, re-writing, read-throughs, auditions, meetings, hoping and dreaming, it will soon be performed on stage.  I am trembling with excitement!

How lucky am I?  It is an author’s dream to see their work come to life – certainly it has been this author’s dream for a long, long time.  I was excited at the various read-throughs we had but tonight… tonight we all got together and suddenly – there it was!  I am truly blessed.  I know that the next three weeks will … Read the rest »

Slaving Over a Hot Panto

Cor-Phew!  Hotter than Majorca!  So the tabloids would have us believe.  Well, at 33C today in God’s Own County, it probably was.  I had my weekly Skype convo with BP who’s in Antigua and who confirmed that it wasn’t that hot in the Caribbean and fortunately, Antigua usually has a pleasant breeze blowing off the Atlantic and you’re never far from a beach.  So I’ve been Ms Grumpy today; on the phone all morning to utility companies and slaving over a hot panto all afternoon.  Nearly finished!  And I giggle as I’m writing it.  I’m writing with my own music … Read the rest »