Rehearsed Reading and Ridley Road

It Was Costa! With Nicola May after out great One-To-One

It’s been a rewarding, busy time for me lately, I’m pleased to report.

Last Wednesday was spent rehearsing for Thursday’s Rehearsed Reading of Singles Holiday, the play, which took place at the Wenlock & Essex in Islington.  It was exciting to feel the play coming to life and I love what director Dave Milner is bringing to the production and performing to an audience for the first time, all be it a small one, gave the rehearsal vibrancy.  I can’t wait until we’re into rehearsals-proper and am very much looking … Read the rest »

I Hate To Say ‘I Told You So’

Easter is almost upon us.  And bringing with it the usual press and media contradictions, know what I mean?  You open any paper or women’s magazine and half of it is dedicated to seasonal supermarket ads for Easter eggs and hot cross buns and recipes for Easter cakes while the other half flags up dire warnings of growing obesity and tells us that sugar is the new fat.

I’ve been saying that for years!

It’s no secret that my first novel, What’s Eating Me, is semi-autobiographical in that I’ve struggled with my over-eating compulsion all my life.  And I knew … Read the rest »