Something In Your Soul Dies

There’s a very moving Spanish song – I think it’s a Sevillana – which says “When a friend leaves, something in your soul dies.’  Now as much as I enjoyed the song, I never really thought about the words; never really took in their English translation.  Until 21st August.

On that day one of my oldest and closest friends died.  We met on our first day at grammar school.  She was a lively girl, smart and popular.  We were both good swimmers and were selected to go to special training at the South East Essex Technical College pool (later University … Read the rest »

Freebie, Foyles and Freaking Out

I know it’s been a while! Sorry! I have actually been writing. I’ve got on amazingly with THE BANJO. It isn’t finished but it’s coming along nicely. And so many other things have been happening, too. I wake up and ten minutes later The One Show is on.

Last Sunday I went to Birmingham to a Writers and Bloggers Meet Up, organised by the wonderful Kim Nash. It was great to meet so many people that I only ‘know’ from this blog, Twitter or Facebook. I was especially thrilled to meet Barbara Copperthwaite as I’m reading her second book, Flowers … Read the rest »

Jolly Good Day

Today I behaved like a tourist.

I decided to spend the day at the Jolly Beach Resort, on a Day Pass   It’s more than ten years since I went to JBR for the first time, back in July 2003 and two years to the month that I took my last singles’ group there.  Of course, I didn’t know then that it was going to be my last ever job; my mum had just been diagnosed with cancer and I was on what I thought was compassionate leave when I was fired for writing my novel, Singles’ Holiday.

As it turned … Read the rest »

Sunset over Solos Holidays

Well, it’s finally over.  After almost thirteen years I’m drawing a line under my relationship with Solos Holidays after losing the Employment Tribunal for Unfair Dismissal that I brought against them on Friday.

Before I go any further I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported me over the last ten months since I was sacked, and for all the messages of good luck, support and commiseration I’ve received in the last few days.  Truly, it’s been humbling and heart-warming to know that in spite of being considered an absolute nothing and nobody by Solos Holidays, … Read the rest »