Magical Mystery Tour

I”ve just come back from a great three days in the north west with my dear friend Val.  It’s one of those easy, comfortable friendships; you know the type – you don’t see each other that often yet when you meet up it’s like it was only last week that you last met.  Val is an amazing person – kind, witty, caring and a great cook.  On the first night she introduced me to the wonders of the slow cooker – beef done to perfection and now on my Christmas List (Santa please take note).

The highlight of the trip … Read the rest »

Off Day!

Oh dear! I don’t know what was going on astologically yesterday, but the planets sure had it in for Pisceans with Aquarius ascendant. There I was, happily writing away, surfing the wave of a tsunami of creativity and breaking the world record for wpm when my screen went blank. Nothing. And I do mean NOTHING at all. So, I did what they always tell you to do – I turned my laptop off and unplugged it, waited a couple of minutes and then switched it on again. Still nothing. Just a blank screen where there used to be a beautiful … Read the rest »


I’ve woken up lazy this morning! I’ve set myself a task to write at least 50 pages of Sweet Lady before I have to go out and do things this afternoon. So far I’ve had a long breakfast, watched people I don’t know talk about things I’m not interested in on Breakfast, had the shower of the century and am now writing this and not my 50 pages.

It’s not as if I’ve got writer’s block; I know exactly what happens next. I think. The book has two major twists. Am I subconsciously waiting for a third to come to … Read the rest »