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It is the second book in the Singles series, I couldn't wait to read this so started at lunch time at work, I really didn't want to put this down once I had started, in parts it is a laugh out loud story line, tinged with tragedy towards the end.

In this book Travel2gether go on a tour of India, I love how Elaine goes in to detail and really makes you feel like you on a tour of India. There's rickshaw rides, Elephant rides, the Taj Mahal, bus journeys on roads with potholes (Emily gets wedged between seats) and even visits to see tigers. ... Continue reading

Facing 50 with Humour

I was recently recommended a book by Elaine Spires, called Singles' Holiday. It was a totally spiffing read. It was the sort of book you don't want to put down. The sort that makes you suddenly head off to discover what other works the author has written so you can purchase them, immediately and sit up all night reading them.

I was therefore very excited to not only learn about Elaine but discover she has a new book, Singles and Spice, coming!. ... Continue reading

Joanne Phillips

Singles and Spice is the second in the 'Singles Trilogy' – the first book Singles' Holiday was set in Antigua, while book 2 is set in India and has some new faces as well as a couple of familiar ones... Continue reading

Sheryl Browne

Singles and Spice is set in India and has some new faces as well as a couple of familiar ones. Early reviews give it glowing praise... Continue reading

Mungle Ville Lifestyle Blog

Elaine Spires is a diverse novelist as well as an award-winning playwright and actress. Extensive travelling and a background in education and tourism perfected Elaine's keen eye for the quirky characteristics of people, captivating the humorous observations she now affectionately shares with the readers of her novels... Continue reading

Sweet Lady Reviews

Kim The Bookworm

Wow! Not many books leave me seaching for words but this one sure did! I read Elaine's first book What's Eating Me recently and my review can be found here. It was fab!

This book, which is her third, was completely different. Set in both England and Antigua, where Eleanor is a well-known artist and Victoria, her daughter, is her PA. Spending a winter in Antigua before Eleanor's latest exhibition, the two ladies live a chilled-out, relaxed life (one I could have quite happily joined in with to be totally honest!) until local beach-bum Tyrone enters their lives and their lives are affected in ways they never expected. ... Continue reading

Singles' Holiday Reviews


When @kimthebookworm asked bloggers to get in touch as she would be doing a tour I wasn't sure who it would be for, I'm glad I agreed to review this book.

Eve is a tour rep for Travel Together a Singles Holiday company, I wasn't sure that I would like this book as you all know I love my vampire, werewolf books etc, but I really did enjoy it.

I liked Elaine's detail of the travel and the resort in Antigua, I would love to visit this resort, hope it is based on a real place. From this you can tell Elaine has experience of the travel industry... Continue reading

Mungle Ville Lifestyle Blog

I would not advise reading this book in February, as not only does Spires describe Antigua beautifully but she especially emphasises the scorching tropical weather! I quickly became very envious of the bikini clad women who were complaining that it was too hot to do anything but sunbathe by the pool. Although I'll admit to finding a sweet revenge when they were hit by a dramatic rain storm, unfortunately this smug feeling was short-lived as most of the characters used the opportunity to 'comfort' each other in the bedrooms…or the offices... Continue reading

Shaz's Book Blog

Having not previously read Elaine Spires’ work I had no idea of what to expect from this book but the blurb attracted me with its description of beautiful, luxurious Antigua and the twists and turns of a group of single people who join forces on holiday and the many adventures they all face... Continue reading

What's Eating Me Reviews

Kim The Bookworm Reviews What's Eating Me

I knew I was going to love this book when the very first sentence made me laugh out loud!

Eileen is a 44 year old single mum who is overweight, works very hard in a stressful job to look after her boys and tries very hard to pacify her mother who is quite frankly a bit of a nightmare!... Continue reading

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