Well, hello! It’s been a while, I know. It’s been more than a year, which is unbelievable. I haven’t been doing anything wonderfully exciting that I can use for an excuse, I’m afraid. Just procrastination. Days spent mindlessly scrolling on social media, feeling envy at all my writer colleagues who are producing successful books but unable to light the touch paper to my own creativity. I’ve become very attached to baby gorillas. I just love them but I realise I’ve spent an unhealthy number of hours gazing at them. However, there IS another book coming sometime in the future.

What is coming soon, though, is a fortnightly podcast called Going Round the Banjo: The Dagenham Story. As the title suggests it’s about dear old Dagenham and I will be talking about the place and interviewing all sorts of people who will be sharing their thoughts and memories of the place.

Each episode will be posted on the Pen-to-Print website and also to the podcast page on this website. I hope you’re going to enjoy it. And I look forward to your feedback, input and suggestions. Keep an eye out for the first episode!

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