Whispering Stories

A huge THANK YOU to Stacey at Whispering Stories for featuring me and A Village in the Country on her blog today. It states A Village in the Country is out 3/8 it’s actually 18/8 and is available to pre-order NOW.

You can read it by clicking on the link https://www.whisperingstories.com/the-writing-life-of-elaine-spires/

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Line of Duty – Reflections from a Distance

So, a week on from the famous/infamous Series 6 Episode 7 and the dust has almost settled after the shock/surprise/disappointment that the Fourth Man was non other than Ian Buckells.
My initial reaction was one of disappointment and disbelief. How on earth could the bumbling Buckells be the brains? But I have had time to rewatch that final episode and it actually now all makes sense.
He wasn’t the brains – just the fourth man – a corrupt police officer motivated by greed. And trapped because he couldn’t spell the word definitely.
Watching the interview scene again I was able … Read the rest »

It’s No Secret – Lizzie Has Another Winner

Today I am delighted that the wonderful Lizzie Chantree joins me to celebrate the launch of her latest book Shh! It’s Our Secret. Not just a super author, Lizzie is a fellow Essex Girl so I am doubly proud of her and chuffed she’s with us today.

If you haven’t met Lizzie before, let me tell you she’s an international bestselling author and award-winning inventor, who started her own business at the age of 18 and became one of Fair Play London and The Patent Office’s British Female Inventors of the Year in 2000. She discovered her love of writing … Read the rest »

Booming Off To Ballymegille

I am thrilled that my friend, the best-selling author Caroline James joined me for Episode 3 of my podcast The World’s Your Oyster.

Her latest book Boomerville in Ballymegille is set in Southern Ireland near beautiful Kinsale and in this episode she tells us all about the place and its amazing food festival and restaurants.

You can watch it here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=itXDIaLx0xQ&feature=youtu.be

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Happy New Podcast!

Happy New Year to you all! I’m not going to tempt fate and say “Things can only get better.” I’m just going to welcome in 2021 and thank 2020 for the learning opportunity it afforded us all!

Thanks to all those who bought You Never See Rainbows at Christmas for their own stockings or others’. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did perhaps you’d be kind enough to write a short review on Amazon uk for me. Thank you!

Today I’m sharing the first of my news series of podcasts with you. The podcast is The World’s Your … Read the rest »

Banjo2 – An Apology

I have to start off by admitting to a Senior Moment.

It was brought to my attention that there were a number of proof-reading issues with The Banjo Book Two; poor grammar, typos and errors. I was surprised as I am a bit of – what the Twitter users call – a grammar-nazi. On checking I discovered I had inadvertently uploaded a draft version of the text to the setter instead of the final version.

I am absolutely mortified and wish to make a sincere apology to those who have already bought the book, either in paperback or on Kindle. … Read the rest »

You Can Now Get Rainbows At Christmas

I think so many people have started getting ready for Christmas early this year. I certainly have. My tree has already been up almost two weeks because I just needed something to lift my mood and spirits. I absolutely LOVE the run up to Christmas; it’s my favourite time of year. Unfortunately, so much of what I love isn’t happening this year due to the dreaded C-19. I usually take myself on a bus ride from Tower Hill right through the City – Monument, Cannon Street, St Paul’s, Fleet Street, Aldwych, Trafalgar Square, Regent Street and Oxford Street looking in … Read the rest »

So, Where is Cromwell Close?

Last week I took a little trip back to Stansgate Road and made a little vid. You can see it by clicking the link at the end of this post. As readers of The Banjo Book One and Book Two will probably already know I set the fictitious pedestrianised cul-de-sac (as the rest of the world would call it) on a large plot of land know as The Green opposite Stansgate Road. It housed the substation that provided the hot water for the central heating in the homes on the Heath Park Estate and a path that led through some … Read the rest »

Dagenham, London or Dagenham, Essex?

Well, as you’ll have already guessed if you read the interviews with prominent Dagenham People that I posted in the run up to the publication of The Banjo Book Two it was the question that divided people. So much so, that even the Mayor of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham considers Dagenham to be in Essex! So I ran a little poll here on the webpage and on Twitter asking the question “Is Dagenham in London or Essex?” Adding the two results together gave us this:

Dagenham London, 43.5% Dagenham Essex, 56.5%.

My own view is that it’s … Read the rest »

Making the Local Press

A big THANK YOU to Jonathan King at Archant Ltd for this interview about The Banjo Book Two in this week’s Barking and Dagenham Post.

Remember – A Banjo is a Dagenham thing!

You can read the online version here: https://www.barkinganddagenhampost.co.uk/news/the-banjo-book-two-elaine-spires-interview-1-6807601

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