Enjoying the Silence

The silence is almost tangible.  It’s six am and I’m sitting on the veranda of Avocado Cottage, in the rocking  chair, immersing myself in the peace and quiet of this early morning bliss.  Occasionally the stillness is violated by the screech of a cockerel from further up the lane but apart from that there’s nothing.  Not even the whisperings of a gentle breeze.  It’s something I always notice when I get up very early; there’s no breeze, it‘s a late riser.

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to post this as soon as it’s finished as the internet connection is somewhat erratic at the moment.  They should be coming to fix it this morning.  It’s a slight inconvenience but I haven’t let it spoil things.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy since I arrived and consequently the play-script is now finished and submitted although I’m not totally happy with it and I’m sure I’ll be given some re-write instructions.  I found it strange turning one of my books into a play.  I’ve done it the other way round with much more ease.  I think the screenplay will be easier than the stage script.  At least that’s what I’m hoping!

It hasn’t all been about work, though.  My mornings have been dedicated to writing – and it’s very conducive to creativity here.  When the IT situation allows I’ll post some photos of my ‘office’.  It’s been great, too, to catch up with people, especially Antiguan writer Joanne Hillhouse, who’s just finished running a creative writing course for young people.  Joanne is such an inspiration; her energy is endless. 

The afternoons have been about getting out and going to the beach and although the weather’s as erratic as my internet connection at the moment, it’s not affected my enjoyment of my trips down to Fryes Beach.  I like Fryes because I like the European/Mediterranean way of having beach bars.  While it’s beautiful to see a completely empty, unspoiled beach, I like to be able to buy a drink and some lunch and not have to lug a cool bag with soggy sandwiches.  And the food at Denis’s Bar is scrummy.  I had the ribs the other evening while watching the sunset – HEAVENLY!!

And speaking of heavenly, I also treated myself to a pedicure with Sade in Jolly Harbour.  She is the best pedicurist I’ve ever come across.  She transformed my feet – which looked like something that belonged in the farmyard – into soft little cushions with cute fluorescent pink varnish, taking off about a pound and a half of rough skin in the process!  It’s a bit of a shame to see Jolly Harbour so empty, though.  More businesses have closed down and there’s an air of abandon about the place.  Such a shame that nobody bought the casino; when that was open the whole place was alive at night.

It was great to sit on the veranda and share a bottle of wine and some supper with my friend and neighbour S last night.  I’d debated with myself over going to Shirley Heights, but the ease of sitting here with S won out.  We put the world to rights as the sun set and the darkness enveloped us and then the rain started so we went inside.  Lovely couple of hours!

So, today, I will wait patiently for the internet man and then go and pay the security company bill and the house insurance for the coming year (groan!!) and then, it’s beach here I come!  Today will be a non-writing day.  Tomorrow I start working on Singles In India again!

But first – breakfast!!  Fresh mango in local natural yoghurt.  There is NOTHING like a mango that’s just fallen from the tree – and here you get a whole bag  – that’s seven mangoes -for $5 EC (£1.20).  At home I pay £2 for something that tastes nothing like a mango!

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