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Me chilled!

Although it’s been (yet another!) flying visit, which is rapidly racing towards its end when I board BA 2156 tomorrow evening to head back to Gatwick, I can say I feel much more relaxed now that when I arrived. Even with the bit of racing around I’ve had to do, I do feel as if I’ve had a break, which is the whole point of having Avocado Cottage, nuh?

I’ve had a couple of lovely social events; dinner with B & C on their water-front veranda under a full moon.  Perfect!  This is one of the loveliest spots I know and I wrote quite a bit of Sweet Lady there.  B & C are two of my dearest friends and I love their company.

Then, I had dinner at C & C Wine Bar with the gorgeous Ms Heather Doram (aka Maisie).  Heather is such a beautiful woman and we had a great catch up while putting the world to rights.  We also threw around a couple of ideas for a TV programme – WATCH THIS SPACE!!  And, I can so absolutely recommend the seafood pasta at C & C.  Beyond delicious!!

Yesterday morning I had the embarrassing experience of being refused entry into the High Court for being “inappropriately dressed”.  All that meant, I hasten to add is that I was wearing a dress (which went to my ankles!) that happened to be sleeveless.  I must admit I was somewhat surprised; I mean, I wasn’t actually appearing before a judge or anything.  I had to swear an affidavit in my never-ending case against HAMA Productions.  It’s now six years since I wrote Paradise View for them and am still waiting to be paid.  I’ve lost count of the times we’ve been back to Court and each time they employ delaying tactics.  I’m sure they think I’m going to give up and go away; how little they know me!!

Anyway, I went home affronted (muttering “I’ve been thrown out of better places than this” under my breath – in jest, Your Honour!) and changed into a top with short sleeves which enabled me to go back to the High Court and swear the affidavit.  The Court is on summer recess, so we won’t have a date for the next Hearing until after 15th September.  But I’m not going anywhere and I have all the patience in the world to wait for as long as it takes to be paid for my hard work, although surely they can’t come up with many more ways of avoiding their obligations to me?

And last night I had a very pleasant Chinese meal with my friend and neighbour S and a right laugh as it happened and then a fabulous night’s sleep on one of  the two new matresses I bought for the beds.  Perfect!

Today looks like the weather might be on my side so I’ll be going down to Fryes for a dip and a look at the wonderful view.  I’m also booked in for a manicure with Sade – nothing like a bit of pampering!

Oh – nearly forgot!  Evan and Fabian came with the plans for the plunge pool.  How cute!  It’s kidney-shaped – although they call it a “bean”!!  They’ve incorporated a little bar & barbecue area in the decking, too.  The pool isn’t very big, but then I’m not training for Rio 2016 and neither will anyone who stays here be so a little plunge pool under the glorious blue sky and Caribbean sun or stars and moonlight will do nicely for a cool off.  Can’t wait!

It’s been really nice having the Fella Who’s Far Away nearby for a time, too, and to spend some quality time together,  I miss him when I’m away.  But sshh!  don’t tell him.

So – I’m off to make the most of my last day and a half before going back to UK to the chaos of moving on Tuesday.  Although it will be lovely to see the Daughter and the rest of the Family, too and my Ladykillers’ “family”, too.  Straight back into that on Tuesday, before the sad occasion of Jean’s funeral on Thursday and then the excitement of a new term at Stages Studios and the Actors’ Factory..

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, have a blessed weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Island Life

  1. What comes around goes around and I’m sure you will get your deserved pay in the end. Safe flight home and fingers crossed for a smooth move on Tuesday . 🙂 x

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