Dagenham, London or Dagenham, Essex?

Well, as you’ll have already guessed if you read the interviews with prominent Dagenham People that I posted in the run up to the publication of The Banjo Book Two it was the question that divided people. So much so, that even the Mayor of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham considers Dagenham to be in Essex! So I ran a little poll here on the webpage and on Twitter asking the question “Is Dagenham in London or Essex?” Adding the two results together gave us this:

Dagenham London, 43.5% Dagenham Essex, 56.5%.

My own view is that it’s Dagenham London. It USED TO be Essex much in the same way England USED TO be part of the Roman Empire but it isn’t any more. Dagenham has been part of a London Borough since 1965. But my views are in the minority, so there you go! For the majority of people it’s still Dagenham, Essex. A huge THANK YOU to all those who took the time to vote. Much appreciated.

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