Banjo2 – An Apology

I have to start off by admitting to a Senior Moment.

It was brought to my attention that there were a number of proof-reading issues with The Banjo Book Two; poor grammar, typos and errors. I was surprised as I am a bit of – what the Twitter users call – a grammar-nazi. On checking I discovered I had inadvertently uploaded a draft version of the text to the setter instead of the final version.

I am absolutely mortified and wish to make a sincere apology to those who have already bought the book, either in paperback or on Kindle. I have contacted a few readers and some have said they didn’t notice anything, which is reassuring. I think.

The one positive is that in the future the ‘error’ copies will fetch more on eBay.

Apologies once again. The error has been corrected.

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