Let’s Hear It For Harry – and Audrey, Stan and Tony!

At a time when Pensioners are fast becoming the nation’s scapegoats it was encouraging to see 71-year-old Harry Rednapp voted King of the Jungle on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.  I have to say I like Harry even though he did morph into Miserable Old Git for a while during the run.  He’s a good old East London Boy!  I did wonder, though, how Sandra had put up with him for so long!  They met in The Two Puddings in Stratford in 1964 and married in St Margaret’s Church Barking in the summer of 1967.  Many have … Read the rest »

Wanna Be My Friend, Janet?

Janet Street-Porter is a Marmite celebrity; with her forthright views, distinctive, quirky look and abhorence of being hugged by anyone outside her immediate circle, you love her or you can’t stand her.  I fall into the former category.  I admire her for being herself and telling it as it is and I tend to only watch Loose Women when she’s on the panel.

Janet Street-Porter

Janet comes across as a strong woman with a large circle of friends so I was a bit surprised to find out that she’s admitted to being lonely.  Apparently a couple of months ago she … Read the rest »

Our Film is Preferred!

With apologies to purists for dabbling with the words of Bottom.

Yes!  We’ve been delighted, ecstatic, over-the-moon to discover that our short film Only the Lonely has been chosen for the prestigious Underwire Film Festival to be held at the Barbican on 22nd November.  Yay!  Watching the film is an indescribable feeling; seeing the characters come to life and speak “your” words is very rewarding and fulfilling.  Now seeing it on the big screen will be a dream come true.   And….. the film is also nominated for an award in the XX Category – best on-screen protagonist.  How exciting! Cross … Read the rest »

I’m Staying at Home Next Full Moon

As someone who believes that the Universe has an influence on our lives – as above so below – and the Moon is strong enough to control our tides and moods I can’t understand why it took me so long to realise that I should never make plans to travel or go anywhere around Full Moon.

It was Full Moon last night and also the Libra Equinox; the time of year when the Earth tips bringing Autumn to the Northern Hemisphere and Spring to the Southern Hemisphere.  It was also a day/night of chaos that totally knocked my plans.

 … Read the rest »

Something In Your Soul Dies

There’s a very moving Spanish song – I think it’s a Sevillana – which says “When a friend leaves, something in your soul dies.’  Now as much as I enjoyed the song, I never really thought about the words; never really took in their English translation.  Until 21st August.

June Austin. Forever in my heart. Forever missed.

On that day one of my oldest and closest friends died.  We met on our first day at grammar school.  She was a lively girl, smart and popular.  We were both good swimmers and were selected to go to special training at the … Read the rest »

Lost in that Swedish Store!

A few years ago I had a rather scary experience in Ikea. I couldn’t find my way out.  Reminiscent of a nightmare I once had where I was going round and round in an enormous old mansion where each room had a double door which opened into another room, which had a double door that opened into another room, etc, etc.  You get the picture.  And that’s how I was in Ikea.  I got a bit panicky and claustrophobic resulting in a member of staff having to escort me through the shortcut to the exit.  I have not been back.… Read the rest »

Our ‘Wonderful’ NHS

Every time I turned on the TV or radio a couple of weeks back it was to hear praise of our NHS on its 70th birthday.  I think the NHS is brilliant. We pay for it without noticing and it’s always there when we need it; much better than any insurance cover.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to save up or go without food or other essentials  in order to pay to see a doctor. I do think it needs a serious overhaul and that huge holes that leak money, such as the millions spent … Read the rest »

Such a Night

Oh, my! In the words of the one and only Elvis, “What a night it was! It really was, such a night!”

Last Friday we had the first ever screening of Only the Lonely, the short film I wrote last year with Veronique Christie, courtesy of Dan Films, our production company, led by Julie Baines. I am still on a high.

I’d seen it but only on a laptop and before the final sound had been laid and it had been signed off. Watching it on a screen was an indescribable feeling. Everyone concerned had done a marvellous job, including … Read the rest »

Signed, Sealed and Bittersweet

We. Have. Completed.


The story of the Sale of Avocado Cottage is a book in itself, spread over possibly the longest, most stressful year of my life. I have written about some of what happened – much of which you couldn’t make up. And many things went on that made this possibly the longest sale of property in history!

For example; when the buyers went to the Loans Officer at CUB to apply for a mortgage in December she told them they don’t usually do mortgages in December, only car loans. And this certainly seemed to be the case … Read the rest »

The Longest Piece of Antiguan String

I am determinded to at least start this post with positive news. Yesterday Veronique and I had the most productive writing day. Hooray!! We worked solidly on our latest project and are both thrilled and satisfied with where we are with it.

I can hear you asking, “What is it?” And my answer is……. You’ll have to wait and see!

Re Singles Series Book Five, well, things are not moving, I’m afraid; or on The Banjo Book Two. Sorry. There are too many things whizzing round in my head for me to be able to sit down and give both … Read the rest »