Anna’s Actors

On Tuesday night I was so thrilled to see a group of my mates from the Anna Scher Theatre come along to the Vaudeville Theatre in the Strand to watch the Ladykillers.  Every single one of them is a talented actor in their own right and I very much appreciated their support, especially as my role is small.  Although it’s said that there are no small roles only small actors!!

But this is the ethos that Anna Scher has always instilled into her students – to support each other.  When the Daughter attended AST as a child, they were always taught to be pleased for the child who got the part and never to use the F or the S words – Fame and Star.  This spilled over into the adult classes and so we are always over the moon when one of our own gets a role in a play or a film or a commercial, or is in some other way progressing successfully in the acting world.  There’s no room for petty jealousies or envy or nastiness and a nicer bunch of people you couldn’t wish to find.

So a HUGE thank you to Kerry-Anne, Theresa, Rob, who really entered into the spirit of a night out with his Rolos!! Duncan, Bernard, Annie, Debbie, Dave F, Dave T, Samuel and Emma for coming along.  I could recognise you all by your laughter and I’m so glad you all enjoyed the show.  I am truly blessed to have friends like you.

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