Anna’s Actors

On Tuesday night I was so thrilled to see a group of my mates from the Anna Scher Theatre come along to the Vaudeville Theatre in the Strand to watch the Ladykillers.  Every single one of them is a talented actor in their own right and I very much appreciated their support, especially as my role is small.  Although it’s said that there are no small roles only small actors!!

But this is the ethos that Anna Scher has always instilled into her students – to support each other.  When the Daughter attended AST as a child, they were always … Read the rest »

Lonesome Mango and Strawberry Moon

In what has been a very tense, stressful week I was overjoyed to get this photo from my friend and neighbour in Antigua, S.  It is the FIRST EVER MANGO to grow on the tree to the rear garden of Avocado Cottage.  I planted the tree three years ago and for a while I thought it had died.  Yet it’s suddenly flourishing and has produced this large, round, perfect mango. My only sadness is that I didn’t make it to Antigua last week as I’d planned and then I could have picked and eaten it myself!!   Never mind!  No point … Read the rest »

Sofa Day!!

I’m nursing a really nasty cold (all together now – “Ahhhhh!”).  So, I’m wallowing in the luxury of a SOFA DAY.  I’m on the sofa, with Loose Women playing softly in the background – Anthea’s accepting responsibility for Grant’s infidelity, what utter rubbish! -, dressing gown on, heating turned up, lamb doing in the slow-cooker, overdosing on Lemsip.

I’ve had a hectic few days – the birthday was lovely.  The Daughter, bless her, bought me a much wanted DVD player and Series One of Mrs Brown’s Boys to go with it.  I’ve already watched half the episodes, laughing out loud … Read the rest »

Off Day!

Oh dear! I don’t know what was going on astologically yesterday, but the planets sure had it in for Pisceans with Aquarius ascendant. There I was, happily writing away, surfing the wave of a tsunami of creativity and breaking the world record for wpm when my screen went blank. Nothing. And I do mean NOTHING at all. So, I did what they always tell you to do – I turned my laptop off and unplugged it, waited a couple of minutes and then switched it on again. Still nothing. Just a blank screen where there used to be a beautiful … Read the rest »