Onkers Bonkers

Yesterday, as those of you who read my post Time Doesn’t Heal will have seen, I was feeling down as it was the anniversary of my Dad’s death.  Later on in the day, I opend the fridge to find myself face to face with a large pot of Onken yoghurt.  This, as always, made me smile.  Yesterday it made me laugh out loud.

Seeing the word Onken always reminds me of the time my parents were visiting me in Majorca when I was first working as a holiday rep.  Dad threw himself into learning Spanish with the same gusto and enthusiasm he did everything and after the first visit could say “Dos cervezas” and “Padre de Elaine”; the first phrase was always accompanied by much miming of downing a pint and the second by pointing to himself.  One afternoon he and Mum got into a taxi to go back to their hotel. “Onkers Bonkers, por favor,” Dad said to the bewildered taxi-driver.  Realising he’d got the name wrong he tried several versions “Ooners Dooners” “Bunker Dunkers”. Still the taxi-driver didn’t have a clue what he was talking about!  By this time my Mum, scarlet with embarassment but killing herself laughing, got out of the taxi.  Then she realised she had a travel label on her bag which revealed the name of the hotel to be the Dunas Blancas.  They got back into the taxi and not put off by his linguistic gaffs, Dad then instructed the driver that it was “Casa grande tres on the left”!

Just remembering that made me laugh and remember the good times and pulled me out of my sadness.  I have such lovely memories.

i’ve also got some wonderful reviews for Singles’ Holiday in the last couple of days:  http://mungleville.com/2014/02/26/singles-holiday/ and http://cometbabesbooks.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/singles-holiday-by-elaine-spires.html and I’m extremely grateful to Elizabeth and Jo for taking the time to read the book and write these reviews, which I found very encouraging.  Big Thank You, too, to Kim Nash www.kimthebookworm.co.uk who set it all up!

And more unbelieveable news is that I’ve started getting physical!  Yes, you did read that correctly!  I joined in the FitSteps class at Stages Studios on Tuesday with Hollie – well, I was there manning the desk and thought I may as well join in.  Loved it!  It’s like ballroom dancing without a partner.  I thoroughly recommend it Even though I ached a bit yesterday.

Elaine doing exercise.  Who’d have thought it?

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