Room 101

While channel-surfing the other evening I came across a programme called Room 101, where ‘celebs’ pick things and/or people that irk and annoy them and banish them to Room 101 as per George Orwell’s novel 1984.  It got me thinking about my own list of things.  For those who are interested, here it is:

Frank Skinner – the presenter of Room 101, the most irritating, unfunny bloke on TV


Cold callers

Scan-yourself check-outs in supermarkets

Any supermarket that charges for bags


Mobile phone users on public transport

Incorrect grammar, especially the use of ‘sat’ instead of ‘sitting’; misuse of the apostrophe; mistakes with they’re, their and there; less instead of fewer; amount instead of number and gotten. Urrgghh!

The mispronunciation of contribute and harassment.

Kaye Adams

Coronation Street

Stephen Fry


Spiders and snakes

Children on planes and their parents who think the whole plane is entertained by them

And Maxine Peake, who’s lost the plot and got her role in Silk mixed up with real life.  If she really thinks barristers are against the end of Legal Aid for any reason other than the end of their gravy train she’s seriously mad.

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