Antigua Clothes in Essex

What a beautiful day it was today!  I ventured out in the afternoon to post my tax self-assessment 2013-2014 (I know!  Very late!) and it was glorious, with tomorrow being even better if the weather forecast is to be believed.  I actually wore cut-offs and a thin blouse that are usually left behind in Avocado Cottage.  They found their way into the suitcase last week by mistake, but very glad I am, too, that they did!  I bought myself a bunch of beautiful daffodils.  I think in a previous life I must have been Welsh because although I adore the red rose of England, I just love daffs.  Today’s bunch are bright yellow with double yellow and orange centres.  Just gorgeous, they’ve added a beautiful splash of colour to my rather neutral-toned living-room.

The week since I’ve been back has flown by and the next couple of days are also busy with rehearsals for The Vagina Monologues and meetings about a future stage production and with the writer and protagonist of a short film who has asked me to direct it.  I was knocked out by this because I can totally relate to the script and subject matter.  Exciting times!!

I’ve seen a bit of TV; I caught a bit of Rip-Off Britain yesterday morning which was really interesting.  They were looking at the calorific content of alcohol and asking whether bottles should show what it is.  They filmed a netball team in West London who all considered themselves to be healthy because they ate well and did exercise.  It turns out that what they drank after training and matches was the equivalent of eating eight doughnuts a week.  Apparently there are more calories in a large glass of white wine than in a chocolate and custard doughnut.  I also like Rip-Off Britain because it’s presented by three mature women who are glamorous, professional and great at their jobs.

I’ve also had a bit of a Poldarkfest, catching up on the episodes I missed while I was away.  I just love it!  I think it’s very well cast and very well acted.  Aidan Turner is sooooooo dashing as Ross Poldark.  I think the hero of my next novel will be called Ross.  Ross Idris.

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