Hello, Australia! Hello, World!

What a brilliant surprise earlier today…… A lovely lady – SB – contacted me after seeing my I Feel GOOD post – all the way from…….Australia!! Isn’t it amazing? I’m sitting in Avocado Cottage, Antigua, West Indies, posting a blog about my wonderful Little Yellow Pills and how much good they’re doing me and she’s reading all about it more than eleven thousand miles away! The wonders of technology never fail to amaze me. And I’m delighted she wants to deal with her oxidative stress and get really well again. Oxidative stress is the cause of more than two hundred degenerative conditions.

Just some of the conditions caused by oxidative stress.

Just some of the conditions caused by oxidative stress.

And it’s very reassuring that in spite of the lies and falsehoods people like SupplementGeek and MedicineGuy spread on the internet – they want to rubbish everything that isn’t what they themselves sell – people are realising that if it works for me it can work for them. Because…..it works for everybody!! Yay!

Well, I’m really pleased that Mercury, Planet of Communication is behaving himself again. What a week I had last week! Breakdown of communications on so many fronts including erratic internet, being unable to get through to my bank as the mobile network won’t put me through to local-rate UK numbers; my bank froze my debit card because they’d noticed it was being used abroad. I kid you not! I’ve only been here since February!! Then I heard from my credit card company that their letters were being returned as “Not at this address” – after I’ve paid Royal Mail a small fortune to forward on my post and if I didn’t get in touch with them within 24 hours they would freeze my credit card. Once again – a local-rate number. I lost my Skype whilst trying to upgrade my iPad to iOS10 so I couldn’t ring them until I hit upon the idea of downloading Skype onto my UK mobile, which is usually switched well and truly off because it costs an arm and a leg. And then, in spite of changing the Singles Trilogy to Singles Series on Amazon, because I’m about to bring out a fourth Singles book, it was still showing Trilogy. So, I’ve had to get in touch with their helpline about it. Anyway – I got it all sorted out and this week has been much calmer.

My friend S left on Tuesday and Avocado Cottage seemed very quiet without her. So to stop myself moping around I decided to get my Christmas decorations up. I wasn’t going to as I’m in UK for Christmas but the run-up to Christmas is my favourite time of year. So, I though: “Oh, sod it! It’s Christmas! Get yourself sorted out, Spires!” And so I went and got a few bits and bobs. What do you think?

My multi-coloured flashing Christmas wreath

My multi-coloured flashing Christmas wreath


And my beautiful Christmas tree.

And my beautiful Christmas tree.

It’s quite atmospheric sitting watching TV just by the light of the tree. But even though I’ve spent more than 20 Christmases abroad, it still feels strange to see Christmas lights when two hours earlier I was sitting round the pool in the sunshine.

Singles at Sea is being proof-read and edited. It will be published in early January – and I can’t wait to share it with you! I’m now researching The Banjo, Book Two, which is keeping me busy and I’m enjoying. And I’ve got a couple of ideas for something after that. But in the meantime, it’s a secret!

Have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening/night wherever you may be reading this and whatever time of day it is. Here in Antigua it’s rum o’clock, so please excuse me. Cheers!

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