Finally! After leaving her here ten months ago I’m back in Ibiza with the Daughter. And it’s bloody lovely! She’s made a life for herself here; her Spanish has come on in leaps and bounds; she’s made friends and not only has she got a great job that she excels at, she’s also got a beautiful little flat that she’s made into a home. This is the view before me as I write this:

View from the Daughter’s place

It’s overcast today with no breeze, so it’s pleasant and the sea is calm. Every night since I’ve been here I’ve fallen asleep to the sound of the waves and I’d forgotten how therapeutic that is. The Daughter, meanwhile, has to stuff in her earplugs to block out the harsh rattle  of my snoring (allegedly!).

It’s nice to walk and to drink amazing wines- Marqués de Riscal Reserva at €13 a bottle! – enjoy brilliant food – I must have already eaten my bodyweight in pan and alioli – sit in the Paseo de las Fuentes and watch the world go by and just breathe in the air and aromas that are so typically Spanish and especially Ibicencan. It’s been nice to see the outlaws, too, who I still consider to be my nieces and nephews.

It’s helped keep me sane through another week of no response from the Caribbean Union Bank re the prospective buyers’ mortgage. To say the bank is inept is to pay it a compliment! The mortgage application was completed on 12th December. Today is 19th January and still no word. How complicated can it be? From what I understand the buyers are financially stable and solvent and tick all the boxes. So it has to be agreed soon. It WILL be agreed soon. I simply have to be patient.
Meanwhile I’m glad I am here. And London-Ibiza is so easy. I travelled from City Airport as it’s the only direct flight at the moment. Two hours five minutes as we had a tail wind. It would take me longer if she’d moved Up North.

Although I am no photographer here’s one I took from the plane window:

Clouds from the plane

And although we’ve still got four more days together, I’m already working out when I’m coming back 😜

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3 thoughts on “Finally

    • Yes it is! I have a prospective buyer but his bank is taking for ever deciding whether or not they will give him a mortgage. I will email you if we have no joy in the next few days. Meanwhile, if you want to see it I can arrange a visit. I’m assuming you’re in Antigua. E.

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