Still Waiting…

Yep!  Still waiting for Caribbean Union Bank to come up with a decision on my prospective buyers’ mortgage application.  In the age of technology and instant decisions it’s taken them since 12th December.  Last week the loans officer decided the bank needed to see the Sale Agreement.  She couldn’t have said that two months ago?  Anyway my very capable solicitor pulled one together almost immediately.  I agreed it.  She then sent it to the buyers who had a query and by the time they tried to get back to her it was after 5pm on Friday and she’d gone home … Read the rest »


Finally! After leaving her here ten months ago I’m back in Ibiza with the Daughter. And it’s bloody lovely! She’s made a life for herself here; her Spanish has come on in leaps and bounds; she’s made friends and not only has she got a great job that she excels at, she’s also got a beautiful little flat that she’s made into a home. This is the view before me as I write this:

It’s overcast today with no breeze, so it’s pleasant and the sea is calm. Every night since I’ve been here I’ve fallen asleep to the sound … Read the rest »