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Good morning! I am trying to stay upbeat and positive today in spite of the weather.  Now, oddly for someone who’s lived so much of her life in hot climates, I don’t like very hot weather.  But I’m getting a bit tired of putting the heating on in the second week of June!  But the house has felt so damp and cool the last few nights that I’ve had no option.  I’ve been doing the hokey cokey with the washing.  It’s been in – out – in – out because of the sudden downpours and so shaken all about with the wind it’s almost ended up in my neighbour’s garden! Fortunately I have a lot of bannister to dry the washing on inside but it adds to the overall ‘winter’ feeling of the moment.  What happened to global warming?  I quite liked that…

Out on Kindle and in paperback on 1st July

In spite of the unseasonal weather, 1st July is fast approaching – only just over two weeks – seventeen sleeps – and Singles, Set and Match will be out!  And quite by chance, it coincides with the first day of Wimbledon. Anyone for tennis?

And I am so excited because it’s not just coming out on Kindle.  It will also be available in paperback from  And so will the rest of the books in the Singles’ Series!  The first three, Singles Holiday, Singles and Spice and Single All the Way were available in paperback through various self-publishing organisations but now all of them, including Singles at Sea, will be together on my Amazon page.

Whether you’re looking for a great read on the bus or the beach…

And by the end of July The Banjo will also be out in paperback!  And I am happy to announce that The Banjo Book Two will be out on Kindle and in paperback by mid 2020.  You see, I am getting my act together. 😝

At the moment I’m heavily into a TV script.  Watch this space.  And meanwhile, tell all your friends – Elaine is once again a paperback writer!

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