Amazing Grace

Reviews are an author’s life blood. Our readers can’t imagine the thrill it gives us when they write a review.  Okay – sometimes a one star review sends a writer running to the coffee or something stronger! – but you learn to accept that your work isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.  So it’s a bit galling when Amazon – yes THAT Amazon, the champion of writers and indie authors – won’t let you post a review.  This was the case when I tried to post a review for Kim Nash’s Amazing Grace.

I have to explain that Kim is a good friend of mine.  Over the years she’s been of invaluable help to me with my writing, to the extent that a couple of times she uploaded my books onto Kindle Direct Publishing for me because at that time it couldn’t be done from an iPad (which is what I worked on).  Because of this, I think Amazon thinks we are the same person and so won’t let me post a review on her book. Madness, right?  But I want to make my review public so here it is!

First of all, it’s not easy when you’re going to read a book written by a friend.  The elephant in the room is always What if I don’t like it?  Any such qualms I might have had about Amazing Grace were quickly dispelled as soon as I started reading it.

It’s a book that sparkles.  Our heroine Grace is single mum to Archie, with toxic, narcissistic ex-husband Mark lurking in the background, still winding her up, still pulling the strings.  I wondered how Kim had met my ex. It’s a tender book, full of love and with thoroughly believable characters.  I really want to live next door to Belinda and Bill! I found myself exasperated with Monica for being so bloody interfering and wanted to shake Grace for letting herself be coerced into going on the three disastrous dates but they do bring so much humour to the story. (The three men Derek, Malcolm and Terry could have been extras in my Singles’ Series!)  I became frustrated at Grace’s fear of upsetting Archie and at one point actually shouted  out loud, “You’re entitled to a life, Grace!”   Was the gorgeous gardener Vinnie a bit too good to be true?  Possibly.  But you all know what a cynic I am!

I wasn’t sure if Mum’s role in the book was going to work (no spoilers) but when I found myself crying my eyes out in the dentist’s waiting room while reading her words to her little grandson I knew without doubt that it did.

Amazing Grace is a great read and contains so much that women of all ages and all stages of life can identify with.  Well done, Kim!  I am really looking forward to your next book.

And I know you all want to read it now so here’s the link:

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