A Dispatch From The Front – #IbizaIsOpen

I am one of the people Angry from Accrington complains about in the comments section of the twice-daily scare-mongering articles in the Mail Online and other electronic papers: a selfish, ignorant, virus-spreading moron who can’t go without their holiday for even one year. People have a myriad of reasons for travelling and quite frankly why I have chosen to come here to Ibiza is nobody else’s business. I do not have to defend my actions and so I won’t.

But I do want to set the record straight on the situation here on the White Island and I’ll start off by saying that as I write this, Ibiza has just thirteen active cases of Covid-19. Yes. Thirteen. One three. 13.

People are wearing masks as they go about their daily business – to be caught without one results in a fine. Everyone is compliant. Everyone. And that includes tourists.

Nowhere have I seen Brits or any other nationalities refusing to wear their masks. People of all nationalities wait outside shops in a patient queue, wearing their masks while adhering to the one-in-one-out rule. Larger stores and supermarkets have a security guard on the door and the message is simple: You must wear a mask to come in. No supermarket chain big or small is stamping its metaphorical foot and saying it’s not their job to police customers. No customers are refusing to put their mask on.

Going into any building you must sanitise your hands and bacterial hand wash is provided everywhere. Once again, everybody is using it – nobody is arguing against it.

If you go into a bar or restaurant you sanitise your hands and then can remove your mask once you sit down to eat or drink. You do not need to wear your mask around the swimming pool or on the beach.

Social distancing is being maintained in all bars and restaurants and on beaches, too. And once again, nobody is arguing or moving tables and chairs around.

So what’s the problem the MSM are reporting on daily? The truth is – there is no problem! But let’s not let the truth get in the way of scaremongering.

I travelled out on Sunday from Stansted Jet2.com and everything went completely smoothly from check-in to arrival in Ibiza. We all wore our masks on the plane only taking them off to sip our drinks and then we put them straight back on again.

Here in the hotel – the Abrat in Calo des Moro – we have to wear a mask within the hotel but not in the grounds, round the pool or on the bar terrace. The biggest bugbear for me is the hotel dining-room. As it’s a buffet breakfast – and a rather splendid one at that – you have to put gloves on when you go into the dining-room and then disinfect the gloves. Now these gloves are Made in China for slim, straight Chinese fingers and not thick, misshapen, arthritic English ones so getting the gloves on was a bit of a struggle on the first day. I have since overcome this by putting talc on my hands first. I honestly think it would be better to just disinfect hands before approaching the buffet but it’s not my call and if that’s the only inconvenience – which it is – then I’m not complaining.

Make no mistake about it – IBIZA IS OPEN!

The clubs might be closed but everything else is waiting here to welcome you.

The beautiful beach Of Cala Vadella today – under a cloudless blue sky:

The sunsets are still being clapped and cheered from Sunset Strip:

And wonderful restaurants like Es Virot have amazing dishes to tempt you:

And you can still drive inland to chic villages like Santa Gertrudis and enjoy an unbelievable Menu del dia in Bar Ulivans for only €12 in the quiet little square opposite the church while you watch the world go by. Amazing value!

And Bam-Bu-Ku is renting out beds!

The standard of hygiene and cleanliness is unimaginable. Everywhere you look people are constantly disinfecting all surfaces. Staff everywhere are working so hard and adhering to the rules. Bars, restaurants, shops and hotels here are probably a lot cleaner than some hospitals. I feel safe and I’m glad I came.

If you’ve decided travelling this summer isn’t for you – fair enough. Choosing not to travel is your business just as choosing to travel is mine.

But if you’re unsure all I can say is don’t believe everything you read in the papers or hear or see on the news.

Ibiza is open.

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