Credit Where Credit’s Due

I woke up this morning to the disappointing news that Andy Murray has gone out of the US Open in the quarter-finals.  Boo!  Boo!  I would have like to see him defend his title – and so would he, I’m sure.  Never mind, he’s done so well this year taking the Wimbledon title and there’s still the Masters at the O2 in November.  Meanwhile my only cry can now be – VAMOS RAFA!

One thing I was glad for on waking was the drop in temperature.  I’m all heated-out.  The flat I’m living in is like an oven.  It has large windows in the living-room and main bedroom which make both rooms really, really hot.  And if I open the windows the noise from the A13 is such that I can’t hear the radio, which plays constantly while I’m at home.  So the fan has been going like the clappers all week.  But today – ah bliss!  But no rain yet.  I’d like to see a drop of rain.  And speaking of rain – I understand it’s pouring in Antigua.  And just to prove I was actually working while I was there recently I’m attaching a photo, because I know you all think I was just relaxing!

Working hard on the final draft of Singles’ Holiday the Stage-play on the veranda of Avocado Cottage







When I opened up my laptop this morning I was greeted with the sight of a group of people waving at me.  “Hi!  Remember us?” they asked.  “You left us sitting on a coach in Delhi!”  It’s my lovely characters in Singles in India.  And yes, I have to admit I’ve neglected them recently because I’ve had to concentrate on the play-script for Singles’ Holiday.  And we’re having the first read-through in two weeks’ time.  A group of actors are coming along and the characters who have lived in my head for the last seven years will finally come to life!  Strange feeling – but a huge, grateful THANK YOU to all concerned.  I’m blown away by your talent and your willingness to be a part of it.

And now………………. I have to produce the pilot episode for Singles’ Holiday – THE TV SERIES!! – within the next few weeks!  Yes!   In one of the wonderful examples of synchronicity that the Universe serves up, I’ve got the chance to put Singles’ Holiday forward, to pitch it as a TV series.  Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be picked up and made.  But for the moment – I’m walking on air and starting to write like the clappers!

And I feel I should add that I was very pleased to get a phone call from Tesco, especially as five weeks had passed since I made my complaint.  They were extremely apologetic and followed their apology up with a bouquet of flowers!  Okay – £20 of vouchers might have been more acceptable – but gift-horse and mouth etc!!  At least they’ve got back to me and apologised.  Credit where credit’s due!

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