Masood Needs Me

I know it’s not real.  But sometimes I get swept into TV programmes.  For instance, tonight, and the last couple of nights I’ve been so mad with the EastEnders production team.  I mean, how could Carol hurt Masood like that?  Can the poor man not find happiness?  First his ghastly wife, then Jane (what a lovely couple they made) and now Carol’s dumped him for David.  I used to like David when he was in it before (seeing Michael French up close once at the Anna Scher Theatre had much to do with that) but now he’s getting on my … Read the rest »

Running Out Of Time

It’s a very windy day today, which is nice.  The breeze is blowing right through Avocado Cottage, taking away the heat and the washing that I put out less than half an hour ago is already dry.  I can’t believe how the days are now racing away and that I’m leaving the day after tomorrow :(((

I wake up very early here, by six-thirty usually, and yet what seems like three hours later the sun is setting and that’s another day almost over.  I’ve been racing on with Singles in India and two nights ago found myself researching until 2am.  … Read the rest »

Upper Class Candelabras

I was so pleased to see that one of the films being shown on my flight to Antigua on Thursday morning was Behind the Candelabra because I’d wanted to see it when it came out in the cinema but couldn’t get to a showing.

It was a brilliant film, not least of all because of the amazing performances of the three main protagonists; Michael Douglas, Matt Damon and Rob Lowe.  Each of them, especially Rob Lowe as the spaced-out slightly creepy plastic surgeon, created a really three-dimensional totally believable character in a story that was just incredible in that it … Read the rest »

Recognised from the Rear

Yes, many of you have recognised it; my rear end in an advert.  So many texts, messages on FB and What’s App asking for confirmation that it was indeed mine.  And, yes, it is!  And seeing it in full HD has been quite a revelation.  And what’s interesting is that few people recognised me from the group scene at the end or in the ten second advert where I feature.  Yet everyone recognised my bum!  I’m hoping it was my dark red cardi that did it ( you had to supply your own clothes!). It’s enough to get you CONFUSED!… Read the rest »

Credit Where Credit’s Due

I woke up this morning to the disappointing news that Andy Murray has gone out of the US Open in the quarter-finals.  Boo!  Boo!  I would have like to see him defend his title – and so would he, I’m sure.  Never mind, he’s done so well this year taking the Wimbledon title and there’s still the Masters at the O2 in November.  Meanwhile my only cry can now be – VAMOS RAFA!

One thing I was glad for on waking was the drop in temperature.  I’m all heated-out.  The flat I’m living in is like an oven.  It has … Read the rest »

Research, Wobbly Girl and a Train Ride to Nowhere

I’ve been forging ahead with Singles in India over the last couple of days, you’ll be pleased to hear.  I spent two hours yesterday afternoon researching wines of India.  It was quite fascinating and what I’d intended to be a quick look-up on the internet, turned into an in-depth read.  And what’s also interesting – well, to me at least! – is how fond I’m becoming of my characters.  Singles in India includes four characters my regular readers will already know from two of my previous books, plus a group of new ones.  I’d intended to have a couple of … Read the rest »


I’ve been awake for hours and so I decided not to languish in bed but rather to get up and get on with some writing.  I wasn’t terribly inspired but I did get some done, which is pleasing, but as I came to a natural pause, i.e. the end of a day on the Singles’ In India tour, I thought I’d make a coffee and update the Journal.

I made the mistake of watching the Britain’s Got Talent final last night.  I only tuned in because I was certain that Jack Carroll would be the winner.  He’s such a natural … Read the rest »

I AM a Writer!

Yesterday I opened my monthly e-mail from Amazon and screamed out loud.

In the last month the kindle sales of my books – What’s Eating Me, Singles’ Holiday and Sweet Lady – were FOUR TIMES my previous best!  I was – and still am – ecstatic.

Okay – I’ve got a long way to go before I’m in the same earning bracket as JK Rowling.  But the first step on the road and all that.  And it’s really spurred me on to get on with Singles in India (although today’s been taken up with things other than writing).

People I … Read the rest »

“India” Delayed

Work on my fourth novel, Singles In India, has suffered a bit of a set back.  This is something that happens to most writers, I imagine; you read through your work – months of slog in this case – and you realise that what is quite brilliant in your head isn’t quite working on paper.  Or on the laptop screen in my case.

It is my intention with this book to create a slightly more dysfunctional group than I di with Singles’ Holiday, and perhaps that’s at the root of it.  Dysfunctional groups – and I took many of them … Read the rest »

All Hail the Spring!

 Well, we can’t deny that April is a month of showers.

I went to aquarobics fairly early this morning – at the Athenaeum Club in Rochford.  I enjoyed it but it probably wasn’t a good idea to eat a large bowl of muesli just before the class!  Anyway, when I left home and even when I came out of the Club, the sun was shining, albeit half-heartedly.  And all the way down the A127 to Ilford where my Hairdresser is located I needed my sunglasses.

But as I left the Hairdresser two hours later large, dark clouds were gathering ominously.  … Read the rest »