After a whingey start to last week, things soon picked up, I’m pleased to say.

On Thursday I had lunch in the Dorchester with the Sister and the Brother; it was the Brother’s Christmas present to us.  Fabulous food, great service, as you would, of course, expect. Unfortunately, at the end of the meal I came sashaying out of the Ladies’ Powder Room with my skirt tucked in my knickers.  Fortunately, the Sister was behind me, or I’d have sashayed through the foyer and up Park Lane liike it!  As I said on Facebook – you can take the girl out of Essex!!  And as a “friend” said on Facebook – “Good job you had some on for a change!”

And then, on Thursday afternoon I found an apartment.  Yes!  Now all I need to do is win the Euromillions to pay for it.  Seven en-suite bedrooms and four reception rooms, in Mayfair.  Very nice!  £9,000,000.  The Sister and I saw it in Harrod’s Estate Agents in Park Lane.

On our way home, the Sister treated me to the cinema with a voucher she had.  We went to see Last Vegas.  Okay, it’s not the best film ever made, but it’s funny and light and good entertainment, especially as a follow up to Twelve Years a Slave, which, as I said, was harrowing.  And being of “a certain age” I could identify with much of it.

Friday brought lunch with the Daughter, whch is always a delight – especially as she paid!  Whenever I start to complain, seeing her makes me realise just how blessed I am.  Love you, darling!  And then I whizzed to Ilford to see Auntie J in hospital, then up the A12 to Holloway and rehearsal for the sketch I’m in with Sally-Anne at Anna Scher Theatre Birthday Celebration next Friday.  The journey home was awful – why does it always pour with rain on a Friday night?

Saturday brought my drama classes at Stages Studios.  I love those two groups!  They always work so hard.  Unfortunately I had a coughing fit through the first class. This was followed by a casting at the Ealing Studios and on the way back I started to feel really awful.  It was getting dark and absolutely teeming with rain and then for about fifteen minutes, there were huge flashes of lightening.  My eyes hurt with the glare of the lights.  By the time I got home I felt really poorly. Then through the night, I was burning up then shivering with cold.  Every time I blew my nose a cannon went off in my head and when I coughed a razor blade was run down my throat.  If I turned my head it took five secods for my eyes to catch up.  Then my voice went completely.  Today I dragged myself to the doctor’s to be told “It’s just a throat infection”  JUST??????  How very disappointing!  He prescribed Amoxicillin, complete rest and Paracetamol.  If you need to contact me please use FB, text or email as I can’t talk.

On another subject, the final edit of Singles and Spice – that’s the name I’ve decided on – is complete, so I’m just waiting for the wonderful Lisa Moreno at Vanilla Gecko to complete the art work for the cover and we’re good to go.

And I’ve gone through the 300 followers barrier on Twitter, thanks to Kim Nash.

Right!  I’m going to post this and then get back into bed.  I’m not a very good patient so it’s a good job I’m looking after myself!

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