Handbagged and Gobsmacked

It was Monday last night.  This means that I was reduced to a snivelling, bawling wreck just five minutes into Long Lost Family.  I was very disappointed with last week’s episode as I found myself getting really annoyed.  I was annoyed at the fecklessness of both fathers who were happy to just walk away and not take any interest in or responsibility for their child’s life.  I was also angry at the mother who ‘found herself pregnant again’ just two months after giving up her baby for adoption.  Found herself??  It’s like that other phrase ‘fall pregnant’ as if it’s … Read the rest »


After a whingey start to last week, things soon picked up, I’m pleased to say.

On Thursday I had lunch in the Dorchester with the Sister and the Brother; it was the Brother’s Christmas present to us.  Fabulous food, great service, as you would, of course, expect. Unfortunately, at the end of the meal I came sashaying out of the Ladies’ Powder Room with my skirt tucked in my knickers.  Fortunately, the Sister was behind me, or I’d have sashayed through the foyer and up Park Lane liike it!  As I said on Facebook – you can take the girl … Read the rest »

Lonesome Mango and Strawberry Moon

In what has been a very tense, stressful week I was overjoyed to get this photo from my friend and neighbour in Antigua, S.  It is the FIRST EVER MANGO to grow on the tree to the rear garden of Avocado Cottage.  I planted the tree three years ago and for a while I thought it had died.  Yet it’s suddenly flourishing and has produced this large, round, perfect mango. My only sadness is that I didn’t make it to Antigua last week as I’d planned and then I could have picked and eaten it myself!!   Never mind!  No point … Read the rest »

Please Tell The Weather Fairy It’s Almost Easter

Well, the weather hasn’t got much better, has it?  I spent last week and the weekend freezing, as most of you did, too, I suppose.  And while I’m one of these strange people who actually doesn’t mind Winter, even I will be glad to see signs that Spring is here.  When I say I don’t mind Winter, what I really like is to see the changes of the seasons and I find beauty in all four of them.  But I’ve admired you enough now, Mr Winter – be off and make way for Ms Spring!!!   Thank God I’m off to … Read the rest »

Disappointing Weather and Meeting Good Friends

It was really disappointing this morning when I opened the blinds to find there hadn’t been the promised overnight snowfall.  I’d envisaged sitting writing by the window, warm and cosy next to the radiator while a white, winter wonderland lay before me through the glass.  Not so!  There was just the thinnest dusting of snow on a couple of the cars which has since disappeared as the sun’s come out – even though it’s very cold.  And to think my friend M and I cancelled our lunchdate at Bluewater because we’d both believed the weatherman!  Never mind, we’ve rescheduled for … Read the rest »

Off Day!

Oh dear! I don’t know what was going on astologically yesterday, but the planets sure had it in for Pisceans with Aquarius ascendant. There I was, happily writing away, surfing the wave of a tsunami of creativity and breaking the world record for wpm when my screen went blank. Nothing. And I do mean NOTHING at all. So, I did what they always tell you to do – I turned my laptop off and unplugged it, waited a couple of minutes and then switched it on again. Still nothing. Just a blank screen where there used to be a beautiful … Read the rest »