Time for Raspberries Among the Spice

It’s been a while since my last Retailer’s Raspberry, but today I’m going to award one to the Murco Service Station in Upper Rainham Road Elm Park.  Twice I’ve been in there recently and both times the whole transaction has taken place without the assistant even looking at me, other than to glance to see that I’m holding a card to pay with, while he continues his conversation in a foreign language with his colleague.  How rude!  On the second occasion I actually just looked at him and didn’t insert my card into the machine until, after a considerable time, when he realised I hadn’t put in my pin, he turned and said “Put in your card.” And I barked back “Please!”, which caused him to nearly jump out of his skin.  As I’ve said before: whatever happened to service?

Speaking of which, another big raspberry to the Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, who cancelled my hand surgery after I’d organised my whole life around said operation.  They seemed surprised that I couldn’t do the new date they gave me.  I, having thought my surgery would be over and that I’d be on the way to being fully healed, had the nerve to book myself a holiday.  Do they think people just sit around waiting to drop everything?  Big fat raspberry!

I’m going to give a talk at Romford Central Library on 3rd April, the day before the paperback launch of Singles and Spice.  All very exciting!  Well, for me that is and I hope it will be the same for the audience!

Saturday night was Quiz Night.  I do love a good quiz.  We were in joint first place after the first round but ended up fourth.  Still, all good fun and a nice evening spent with the Sister, the Brother, the Sister-in-law and the Younger Nephew and some of their friends.

I am delighted to say I completed the revised Singles’ Holiday play script and I have to say it is much improved.  This week I’ll be concentrating on my e-book Going Solo: How to Get the Best from a Singles’ Holiday.  And getting all the publicity I can for Singles and Spice.  Have you pre-ordered your copy?

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