Wow!  Where has the time gone?  The days all roll into one and suddenly I haven’t blogged for ages.  How very remiss of me!

There’s been loads going on, not least of all the everyday busyness of looking after Aunty. Added to that, seeing the Younger Nephew in Dahling! You Were Marvellous!, Quiz Night on Monday for the Older Nephew’s Fundraising Week, fabulous Mother’s Day lunch with the even more fabulous Daughter at the Gaucho and Mother’s Day visit to my own Mum’s grave to take her some flowers With the Sister.  Then there’s my drama classes at Stages Studios on Saturdays.  I love the kids and young people I teach, they’re all amazing!  And so funny.  We did some impro work around mothers and reasons why we’re grateful tothem and  “Wiping my bottom when I was a baby” cracked me up.

I nearly had an accident in my undergarments on Tuesday when I saw Simon Cowell was following me on Twitter.  Blue tick and all.  It’s actually Simon Cowell Online – but hey! – close to the big man and all that.  They handle all his PR.  Interesting that I’ve come to their attention.  Or perhaps they’re those who just follow everyone :)). I have found that the strangest people have followed me on Twitter but usually if I haven’t reciprocated the follow within twelve hours the unfollow me.  I still don’t really get Twitter.

And tomorrow is the launch in paperback of Singles and Spice! Yay!  So excited about that.  Don’t forget you can order your copy through my website or from

Who would have thought that little old Elaine Spires would have written four novels?  And this afternoon I’m off to talk to the Book Club at Romford Central Library, too, which I’m very much looking forward to.  Given that other people giving talks at Havering Libraries this month include the wonderful Dorothy Koomson, I feel greatly honoured.

‘Aren’t you a writer?’ I hear you ask.  Well, I’ve done a bit more work on the e-book, Going Solo, but not that much.  Looking after Auntie isn’t very conducive to creativity, I’m afraid.  I find I’m typing with one eye on the screen and the other on her.  Will try to do better this week.

And on Sunday we have the first readthrough of the final final script of Singles’ Holiday.  Excited much!

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2 thoughts on “MeandSimonAreAsCloseAsThis

  1. Elaine I am totally loving what is happening for you right now. I feel the energy and excitement and I am so tickled pink! Yessss. My world is getting interesting too. I promise to fill you in soon. Huggsss from Antigua!

    • Thanks, Marcella! Can’t wait to hear first hand what’s going on for you! This is OUR time, girl!! See you in May; make sure you keep a whole day or evening for me! Much love! Xxxx

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