Wow!  Where has the time gone?  The days all roll into one and suddenly I haven’t blogged for ages.  How very remiss of me!

There’s been loads going on, not least of all the everyday busyness of looking after Aunty. Added to that, seeing the Younger Nephew in Dahling! You Were Marvellous!, Quiz Night on Monday for the Older Nephew’s Fundraising Week, fabulous Mother’s Day lunch with the even more fabulous Daughter at the Gaucho and Mother’s Day visit to my own Mum’s grave to take her some flowers With the Sister.  Then there’s my drama classes at Stages Studios … Read the rest »

Getting Exciting!

Well, what a great few days! First of all, I’ve had some brilliant reviews for my blog tour of Singles’ Holiday.  You can read them all on my Facebook page,  I am going to have a Review section on my website where all my interviews – two great ones this week, too – and reviews are together as soon as the lovely Lisa, who’s been busy with the cover for Singles and Spice, has a moment to do it for me.  Speaking of which, I am over-the-moon with the cover Lisa’s produced for Singles and Spice.  I really love … Read the rest »

Things are Moving…

We had such a positive Melabeau production meeting yesterday.  With three projects in the pipeline – Single Holidays stageplay tour, TV pilot episode and panto – things are suddenly getting exciting and it feels like we’re really moving forward!  So much to do, but we’re getting great people interested in coming on board and that is such a boost.  Check out our website and FB page later this week for all our updates.

Also had another great 1-2-1 with the inspiring Nicola May on Saturday.  Anyone wanting guidance re a writing or publishing career I can’t recommend her highly enough.  … Read the rest »

All Hail the Spring!

 Well, we can’t deny that April is a month of showers.

I went to aquarobics fairly early this morning – at the Athenaeum Club in Rochford.  I enjoyed it but it probably wasn’t a good idea to eat a large bowl of muesli just before the class!  Anyway, when I left home and even when I came out of the Club, the sun was shining, albeit half-heartedly.  And all the way down the A127 to Ilford where my Hairdresser is located I needed my sunglasses.

But as I left the Hairdresser two hours later large, dark clouds were gathering ominously.  … Read the rest »