Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

So – I’m back in Blighty!  The last few days in Antigua passed in a blur of activity. There was filming; the pilot episode of the Amazing Adventures of Maisie and Em.  We shot right up until 3pm on Sunday and I had to be at the airport for 6!!  Great fun, though, and kudos to all concerned.  So laidback!!  I’ve never been on a shoot where the actors are the first ones there – but hey! – there’s a first time for everything!  And I have to say, that once everyone arrived it all went so well.  Apart from my make-up, that is.  I’m afraid to say that I was a real sweaty Betty.  The minute the make-up went on, I started to perspire.  I had to be continually swabbed and powdered, resulting in my poor, delicate skin needing half a pot of moisturiser every night we’d filmed.  Never mind!  Can’t wait to see the finished episode now.

On Saturday night I had my AUDIENCE WITH ELAINE SPIRES at Best of Books, in St John’s.  This went really well and I was delighted to see aspiring young Antiguan writers there, all eager to ask questions.  We had a great session – it really turned into a writers’ workshop.  And I thank Barbara Arrindell for allowing it to happen.

I was thrilled to really get on with HOLIDAY READS.  I have seven short stories for you in a Kindle book, which will come out next week.  Now, I’ll tell you how this came about: I submitted a rather good (I thought) short story to a competition for inclusion in a book of short stories by various writers.  I wasn’t even shortlisted.  Those of you who know me already know that I don’t do rejection very well, hence the fact that I self-publish and write my own TV and stage roles!  Anyway, this cruel rejection of my writer’s talent prompted me to write six more short stories to go along with it and – voila! – HOLIDAY READS!  Each story has a little twist or is a little bit quirky, so I hope you will enjoy them.  Out next week on Kindle.

As I reported in a previous blog, I fell in love with Antigua all over again while I was there and I really want everyone to have that experience, so the wonderful Kim Nash has produced a superb website for me: http://avocadocottageantigua.wordpress.com/  where you can read all about it and book to stay there.  Isn’t it lovely?  And three friends who are also writers came by me at different times and we sat in the rockers on the veranda and they all agreed it was absolute heaven: total relaxation.  The only thing that spoilt it were the election vans, which started at 7am most mornings, waking us all up with their loud-speakers.  Most of the time the volume was so loud it distorted the sound so you couldn’t make out what was being said.  At least, I couldn’t.  The general election is today so from tomorrow, Antigua will either have a new government formed by UPP, taking their third consecutive term of office, or ABLP will be back in power after ten years in the opposition wilderness.  Whichever party gets in, I just hope they will do their best by Antiguans and for the country.

Today we had a MELABEAU PRODUCTIONS meeting to discuss where we’re at with our two upcoming productions – Singles’ Holiday and Cinderella – and we’re moving forward nicely with both.  Singles’ Holiday will have it’s world premiere at the Brentwood Theatre 13th October.  Hope to see you there!

I’m really looking forward to Wine and Tapas Festival on the South Bank on Saturday, especially as I’m going with the Daughter.  It will be so lovely to have some quality time with her.  I’ve seen a couple of photos of her on FB lately and I have to say she’s looking more stunning every day.  Where does she get her looks from? *cough cough*

Then Sunday will bring a trip down to good old Clacton to see the Sister’s new abode.  She’s just back from a holiday in Vancouver, one of my favourite cities.

The date of my hand surgery is approaching!  It’s next Tuesday.  I want it done, yet now that it’s so close I’m very nervous about it.  It also means, Dear Readers, that for at least a week I won’t be able to type.  I know I can type with one hand but I don’t want to promise anything.  So if you don’t hear from me, I’m okay, just not able to type.  I’ll miss you all. xx

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