Releasing Holiday Reads….Two-handed!

Well!  It is my great pleasure to tell you that HOLIDAY READS is now available on Kindle!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

It contains seven quirky little stories that I hope will keep you entertained on your sun-lounger, or wherever you might be spending your summer hols, even if it’s lying on the sofa in your own living-room or sitting in your back garden.  Pour yourself a nice glass of your favourite tipple, put your feet up and …ENJOY!!

And I was actually able to publish it using BOTH hands.  Because my operation was cancelled.  I was being prepped on Tuesday when told that a generator in the operating theatre had broken down and so I’d have to wait while it was fixed.  Well, it got to after four, by which time I was so hungry and thirsty I was eyeing the other people in the holding area (or Day Room, as it was called!) and wondering what a bite of their limbs might taste like.  And then the surgeon and registrar came to see me – probably both of them came as neither wanted to face me alone! – and said that they were only just testing the generator and there was still someone ahead of me and as my op usually took about two and a half hours (WHAT?? Nobody told me that!!) there wouldn’t be time to do it so it was cancelled.

Now, you may remember, this is not the first time I’ve had this operation cancelled and I’m beginning to wonder whether a power greater than myself is trying to tell me something and that I shouldn’t have it done at all!  So, I now have to wait for confirmation of a THIRD date.  So I can’t book my flight back to Avocado Cottage yet and what with looking for somewhere to live again, I feel as if my life is out of my hands at the moment – no pun intended!  Grrr!  Still, I could have been the poor bugger on the table when the generator failed, so I’m grateful for that, very grateful.  And they did immediately bring me a sandwich and a coffee.  Nobody’s fault, but WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME?

On a positive note, though, Saturday with the Daughter was great.  It was lovely to see her again and we had such a lovely afternoon at the Tapas Fantasticas event next to Tower Bridge and a real giggle over silly things.  Then, on Sunday, it was super-treat day.  The Daughter took me with her on a VIP hospitality package to Queen’s to watch the final.  What a fabulous day!  We met a lovely couple, Gavin and Katie and were really well looked-after by Paul, a Member.  Lobster lunch, Pimms, afternoon tea.  And the tennis!  A very close match; each set went to a tie-break, but Dimitrov beat Lopez in the end.  It might not have been the best tennis match I’ve ever seen but it was certainly the best-looking.  Two hunks!  Unfortunately, the Daughter, being half-Spanish, was rooting for Lopez and was disappointed.  Especially coming so close to Spain’s poor World Cup performance.  And now England losing both matches.  And losing to Uruguay, which is where her father’s family originally came from – talk about rubbing salt in the wound.  Don’t mention the football!

I’m now working furiously on the script for Cinderella, which I’m also directing for Melabeau Productions ( at the Brookside Theatre, Romford this Christmas (  I have meetings next week with technical team, wardrobe and cast.  All very exciting!  AND, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – the Daughter is treating me to DOLLY PARTON next week!

So, really, very little to complain about.  The housing situation will sort itself out, I know it will.  And for the rest, I am extremely grateful.

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