Buried in Bluebells and Caroline’s Colours

This week started with the news of yet another death, this time of my friend and colleague Mark’s dad.  Life has thrown a lot at Mark in the last few years and I really feel for him for his loss.  And perhaps it was that, plus a visit on Father’s Day to my own parents’ grave that got me thinking about my own death, especially about the funeral.

Sorting out my Mum’s funeral, and then all her stuff, was extremely stressful and that was with sharing the load with the Sister and the Brother.  My own darling Daughter is an only child and I don’t want to make things worse at what would be a bad time.  Of course, finances are important, too.  Mum’s funeral cost an arm and a leg, even though the plot had already been paid for in 1991 when Dad died.  And the Daughter will have my overdraft all to herself.

So, I’ve started looking at funeral plans and one that really, really appeals is for the Green Burial Ground at Herongate Woods.  It’s a beautiful natural cemetery that offers eco-friendly burials to create and protect wildlife habitat.  And it’s actually a bluebell wood.  I’ve always shied away from the thought of my own mortality and funeral, but the idea of my mortal remains resting forever in a wood full of bluebells in my beloved Essex sounds lovely.  So, I’m going to look into it in more depth.

The release of Holiday Reads on Kindle has gone well.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet you can do so here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Holiday-Reads-Quirky-Stories-Sunlounger-ebook/dp/B00L4K4R40/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1403689970&sr=1-1&keywords=elaine+spires.

Wimbledon has started!  I always become a bit couch-potatoish during Wimbledon fortnight.  I’m rooting for Andy or Rafa, of course.

Things are moving forward with the stage-play of Singles’ Holiday, which has its world premier 13-17 October at the Brentwood Theatre and also with Cinderella, which I’m writing and directing for Melabeau Productions at the Brookside Theatre, Romford, 18-28 December.  On Sunday 6th July we’re auditioning for dancers and young performers for Cinderella.  If you know of anyone who would like to audition please ask them to contact me: elaine@melabeauproductions.co.uk

I had a very interesting evening last night; Caroline Elliott-Spires (aka the Sister-in-Law) runs her own business (itsmycolour.com) and I went along to one of her Introduction to Colour evenings.  Watching how different colours changed the model’s complexion and enhanced her features was fascinating and Caroline also offers the most amazing make-up and clothes to enhance your palette and one-to-one sessions and work-shops.  I’m going to book a session.  Can’t wait to find out which ‘season’ I am and where I’ve been going wrong all these years!

This afternoon I’ve got an audition, for a film role as a bag lady!  But meanwhile, Dear Readers, I must love and leave you.  It’s 11am: time for Wimbledon.  I mean writing!  Time for writing!

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2 thoughts on “Buried in Bluebells and Caroline’s Colours

  1. Always wanted my colours done, but I think your skin colour changes as you get older and probably sun bathe less. I can now wear a lot of colours I couldn’t years ago. X

    • Apparently your colouring is with you for life. Caroline did mine yesterday and I could really see what she was saying. She did my make-up using colours and tones I wouldn’t have tried and the result was amazing. I’m gorgeous! (As you’ll see as soon as we do lunch again. Send me some dates xx)

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