Slaving Over a Hot Panto

Cor-Phew!  Hotter than Majorca!  So the tabloids would have us believe.  Well, at 33C today in God’s Own County, it probably was.  I had my weekly Skype convo with BP who’s in Antigua and who confirmed that it wasn’t that hot in the Caribbean and fortunately, Antigua usually has a pleasant breeze blowing off the Atlantic and you’re never far from a beach.  So I’ve been Ms Grumpy today; on the phone all morning to utility companies and slaving over a hot panto all afternoon.  Nearly finished!  And I giggle as I’m writing it.  I’m writing with my own music playing in the background, not my usual Radio Two (sorry, Ken!).  I just can’t bear listening to the news of children being shot dead while kicking a ball on a beach, or of planes full of passengers being blown out of the sky.  Sometimes I just despair of the Human Race.  And I choose not to let such negativity into my life at the monent.  That’s not to deny they’re happening or to cushion myself from reality.  It’s just because we now hear and see so many atrocities that we become desensitised.  Nothing shocks any more.  And I’m trying to stay positive on every level of my life.

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of finally meeting up with Sara Gibbs of darlinglovelylife. Sara was, as you’ll remember, my guest on Hot Holidays! a few weeks ago.  And she’s now the on-line editor of Vintage Life Magazine.  She’s dynamic, as intelligent as you would imagine, and great fun and meeting her was great.

We’ve also had a production meeting for Singles’ Holiday this week.  That’s all getting very exciting now!  Tickets go on sale NEXT WEEK – 01277 200305 or And the show’s on 13-17 October.  And I’ve been to Central London and Needham Market in search of costumes for Cinderella principals for our publicity shoot next week.   Added to that, we had a four-hour casting session for dancers on Sunday and I did my radio slot n Yvonne William’s show on Gateway 97.8 last Monday, after a lovely lunch with the Daughter.  So, unsurprisingly, I’m spending this evening prostrate on the sofa watching TV with the fan going like the clappers.

Happy Weekend!


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