Dagenham Days, My Free Christmas Gift and Adrenalin Overdose.

The adrenalin rush I always get when a show approaches its run dates is something I love.  With the panto, it’s more than a rush; it’s an overwhelming, engulfing tsunami of emotions, nervous energy and stress.  I know it will be great.  I know that it will be a huge success because we’ve worked hard and I know we have a quality show.  I know that when it’s over I’ll be sad, feel as if something’s missing and, of course, hold the usual post-mortem.  My diplomacy and tact have been to the forefront these last few weeks, keeping my temper in check.  As my partner at Melabeau Productions keeps telling me ‘Elaine, we’ll look back and laugh.’  I do hope so.  Meanwhile, if you haven’t got your tickets yet…………WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Ring 01708 755775 or go to www.brooksidetheatre.com.  We run 18th-28th December.

Through Facebook, I’ve come across a site – Dagenham Days.  It’s the brainchild of Scott Redmond, who, like me, grew up in the fair town.  Scott has written a book  about growing up in Dagenham, which is where my next novel (which is in a very early embrionic stage at the moment) is set. I spoke to him about his book, Dagenham Days. recently.  This is what he had to say about it:

‘My book started off being a nostalgic trip down Church Elm Lane but ended up unlocking several family secrets. I made some fascinating discoveries, including Old Bailey court cases, a few suicides a possible murder and a direct link to the Kray’s I knew nothing about.  I loved every moment of it.’

Well!  If that’s not enough to get you all interested in reading it, I don’t know what is!  I’m certainly first in the queue for a copy as soon as it’s out!  While I’m talking about Scott, he’s also brought out a fabulous Dagenham Days 2015 Calendar.  You can read all about how it came about and how to order one here:  www.schpunk.co.uk/a-dagenham-calendar-with-a-difference/

I’m sure that between us Scott and I could take over the writing of EastEnders.  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it!  However, I’d have that bloody miserable Sonia going off with Tosh and the two of them taking the awful Cindy (there’s enough ‘Bad Girl’ with Lola, thank you!) and her baby with them, thus satisfying Tosh’s need for a child and getting rid of the three of them for ever.  I’d love to write a UK soap.  I adored writing Paradise View, which was set and made in Antigua.  Something else to tell the Universe!

And now the news I’ve been waiting to give you………………..My Christmas novella, The Christmas Queen, is FREE to download to your Kindle, or Kindle App from 12th – 16th December.  My way of thanking all my loyal readers.  If you aren’t quick enough to get it before 16th (Amazon don’t let us offer freebies for more than 5 days in any 90-day period) then it will cost you 65 pence after that.  Enjoy!








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