Dagenham Days, My Free Christmas Gift and Adrenalin Overdose.

The adrenalin rush I always get when a show approaches its run dates is something I love.  With the panto, it’s more than a rush; it’s an overwhelming, engulfing tsunami of emotions, nervous energy and stress.  I know it will be great.  I know that it will be a huge success because we’ve worked hard and I know we have a quality show.  I know that when it’s over I’ll be sad, feel as if something’s missing and, of course, hold the usual post-mortem.  My diplomacy and tact have been to the forefront these last few weeks, keeping my temper … Read the rest »

Masood Needs Me

I know it’s not real.  But sometimes I get swept into TV programmes.  For instance, tonight, and the last couple of nights I’ve been so mad with the EastEnders production team.  I mean, how could Carol hurt Masood like that?  Can the poor man not find happiness?  First his ghastly wife, then Jane (what a lovely couple they made) and now Carol’s dumped him for David.  I used to like David when he was in it before (seeing Michael French up close once at the Anna Scher Theatre had much to do with that) but now he’s getting on my … Read the rest »