Dagenham Days, My Free Christmas Gift and Adrenalin Overdose.

The adrenalin rush I always get when a show approaches its run dates is something I love.  With the panto, it’s more than a rush; it’s an overwhelming, engulfing tsunami of emotions, nervous energy and stress.  I know it will be great.  I know that it will be a huge success because we’ve worked hard and I know we have a quality show.  I know that when it’s over I’ll be sad, feel as if something’s missing and, of course, hold the usual post-mortem.  My diplomacy and tact have been to the forefront these last few weeks, keeping my temper … Read the rest »

Cyber Assault

Good heavens!

To say I’ve been bombarded with unsolicited e-mails for the last week would be an understatement.  First of all, it was all about Black Friday.  Black Friday?  At first I thought I was misreading and it meant Good Friday, except I’d got my seasons all mixed up.  But no, it was this hideous free-for-all-imported-from-US day when tat or merchandise the stores wanted to shift went ‘on sale’.  I’m sure you saw the pictures and the newsreels which were beyond belief.  Then, these emails continued over the weekend for Cyber Monday, which is an extension of Black Friday but … Read the rest »

On the Shoulders of the Choreographer…..

I watched a bit of BBC breakfast this morning.  The wonderful Victoria Wood was on, talking about a TV film she’s made which is going out over Christmas, called The Day We Sang.  She was being asked whether she was afraid or daunted by writing and directing it – as if she’s never written or directed anything before!  I mean, can these interviewers be any more patronising? – and she said that as director you’re at the top of a pyramid of very talented people; “…standing on the shoulders of the choreographer and musical director who are doing a sterling … Read the rest »

My Left Hand

So, it’s tomorrow.   My hand operation.  The one that was cancelled in March and then again in June.  I will admit to being somewhat apprehensive, especially as I’ve been warned ‘it will be a little bit sore’.  I mean, if a doctor or nurse actually admits that much it probably means that someone like me, with the lowest pain threshold in the world, will find it excruciating.  So I’m already telling myself that I will be comfortable and at ease after the op.  Naughty Elaine, who sits on my shoulder and tries to get into my head, keeps on shouting … Read the rest »