January is turning out to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride.  And like most rollercoasters, it’s fast and furious.  Today it is already 20th; eleven more days and it will be February.  Scary or what?  As Einstein said, ‘Time is an illusion.’ (I tell myself that every birthday.)  But is it an illusion that it definitely speeds up as one becomes older, or does it actually speed up?

So, ‘what’s made it a rollercoaster ride?’ I hear you ask.  The answer is that loads is going on and it’s all sooooooo exciting!  Professionally I’m involved with four projects now, as I was approached this week to write on a project that has me really chomping at the bit.  I’m thrilled to have been asked and know that it will be successful and am more than happy to be a part of it.  I also had a great meeting with the fabulouos people at the Brentwood Theatre last week.  They are a joy to work with; pleasant, professional, encouraging and co-operative.  I am really looking forward tot he next few months – more about that project in the next couple of weeks!  Melabeau Productions hits Brentwood again!

The ticket to Antigua is booked – just over seven weeks to go – so I’m really looking forward to spending time at Avocado Cottage, resting, relaxing yet getting on with my writing, and a fab night that’s being planned to launch the Amazing Adventure of Maisie and Em.  It certainly is amazing seeing dreams finally coming true.  *hugs herself in delight!

I was pencilled for a three-day acting job this week but was taken off pencil last Friday.  I shrugged.  It happens.  In fact, it’s the nature of the business, unfortunately.    I woke up this morning to a text sent at 6.33am asking if I was free after all to do the job and if so, could I be there as quickly as possible.  Er, sorry, no!  My life doesn’t stand still, I’ve moved on and the three days quickly became taken.  Shame, because I had really wanted to do it, but there you go.

And the next few days are busy, as are the next few weeks.  Loads I’m really looking forward to, like the Spires evening organised by one of my cousins, tapas with the Sister and some dear, old friends and a get-together with a group of students I taught way back who are now good friends, plus lunches/drinks/dinners with lovely friends and the no-less lovely Daughter, who’s just had a promotion and is now a SENIOR MANAGER!!  I am so very proud of her and she really deserves it.  I’ve even got diary dates into February and March, which is great because I do love to keep busy, although I also need some serious writing time to get through my projects.  But, I know I will make the time.  I am excited and enthused by what’s ahead and that’s driving me on.  As I was discussing with my senior drama group at Stages Studios on Saturday – find something you love doing and get someone to pay you for doing it and you’ll always be happy.  I love that group; I really enjoy teaching them.  Some of them, naturally, want to be dancers and/or actors but we also have a future heart surgeon and journalist among the ranks.  I love kids with ambition!







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