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Alix on her recent holiday in Amsterdam

Alix on her recent holiday in Amsterdam

Having read and written stories since she was five-years-old, the great feedback she received from publishing online prompted Alix to start thinking about becoming a professional author and sending her work to literary agents. This has led to Alix appearing on Sky News and visiting schools to give talks about writing and the publishing industry, as well as regularly writing for the Huffington Post. In the meantime, she reads unendingly, scratches countless ideas into notebooks and blogs on Delightful Book Reviews
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ES: Thanks for joining me today, Alix. Where did you spend your last holiday?
AL: I spent my last holiday in Amsterdam with my best friend Aoife, and I chose it because I have always been fascinated by the culture and varying attractions the city has to offer. I have always seen pictures of the canals and buildings and wanted to experience the beauty for myself! Also, being students, we couldn’t afford a lengthy holiday in a far-away location, so Amsterdam seemed like the perfect place for a short trip!

ES: What’s your favourite type of holiday?
AL: My favourite type of holiday is a seaside getaway. My family owns a small cottage in Cornwall and spending a week there is something I really look forward to when life gets a bit hectic. We go for lovely forest walks, visits to our favourite tearooms, and also long days at the beach. Absolute heaven.

ES: Oh, that sounds fabulous, especially the tearoom visits! And your least favourite?
AL: My least favourite type of holiday probably is one of those action holidays when everything is go go go. I haven’t been on too many, and I would probably enjoy it if I went with a group of friends, but I hate holidays where you feel like you have to be active every second of every day. I think holidays should be just as much about relaxing as they are about being active and trying new things.

ES: Where did you spend your best ever holiday?
AL: My best holiday was probably when I went to Rome with my family about six years ago. It’s such a beautiful place and I still remember every day. I also kept a holiday diary so I can retain the memories! I remember just learning so many things and being so caught up in the culture and electric atmosphere that Rome has.

ES: Have you had any holiday or travel disasters?
AL: No holiday or travel disasters thank goodness! Since my family acquired the cottage in Cornwall we don’t go abroad often- and there’s only so many things that can go wrong driving up to Cornwall on the motorway!

ES: Where would you love to go to?
AL: I long to visit Seattle in Washington State. I’ve always been fascinated by Washington and I would love to spend a year abroad there when I go to university. I also love rain- and I’ve heard that Seattle experiences a lot of rain.

ES: You love rain? LOL! Who is your favourite travel companion(s)?
AL: My favourite holiday companions have to be my family, purely because we don’t share a lot of the same interests but on holiday we make sure to fit in the things that everyone wants to do. Also, we just have such a good time (among the grumpy teenagers and the scrabble arguments)!

ES: Ever had a holiday romance?
AL: No holiday romances! Who can fit in boys when you want to go and visit art galleries?

ES: If time and distance weren’t an issue, where would you spend your dream twenty-four hours?
AL: Sheesh. Ooh this is an interesting question. I think if I had 24 hours I would visit all the states in America that I would have time for. I find America so fascinating, and feel like each state has a unique culture- that would be an amazing thing to experience. America has a great literary culture too- I would love to do a tour of America’s coolest bookshops.

ES: That’s really interesting. I think you’re right about the culture and bookshops. Finally, what advice would you give to travellers and holidaymakers?
AL: The advice I would give them would be don’t stress. You came on holiday to get away from the stresses of ordinary life and to experience something different. Be adventurous, and don’t stick to a solid plan. Sometimes the most unforgettable experiences come from the moments no one anticipated.

Thank you so much, Alix!

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