I’ll Be Back……

Life has been quite hectic since I got back – when isn’t it? – and I’ve been here, there and everywhere meeting up with pals and doing nice things, including a lovely coffee-meeting on Saturday with a group of amazing writers, including Miranda Dickinson, Sue Watson, Phillippa Ashley and Cathy Bramley and the two great reviewers Kim Nash and Dawn Crooks.  I sort of felt as if I shouldn’t have been there, but if you’re going to forge ahead yourself and strive for success……stick with the winners!  Great advice and very nice women.

I ventured south of the river to Bluewater to see lovely M for lunch, too, and then remembered two days later that I hadn’t gone on-line to pay the QEII Bridge toll.  Again!  It happens to me every single time.  They never fine me though, I think you have to be really, really late to be fined.  I think the toll should be lifted all together – it was only supposed to be levied until the bridge was paid for.  Some hopes!  Oh, don’t get me started!  And a smashing lunch and catch-up with the Daughter.  And the whole family await Nephew the Elder’s A Level results with baited breath!

Anyway, I’ve also been really busy setting things in order because I’m back in hospital for more hand surgery tomorrow so I won’t be able to type for a while but rest assured I’ll be back as soon as I can get myself round a keyboard again.  I’m only a little bit apprehensive – they looked after me really well last time – but I’m not the bravest woman in the world and my pain-threshold is non-existent!


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