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My Hot Holidays! guest today is Jon Steele, the author of a very different book, Can I Ask You A Personal Question? It gives us a thousand funny, sexy, thought-provoking, mischievous, cheeky and very nosey questions to ask ourselves, our friends, family “and lover”. Now doesn’t that sound interesting?

Jon, on one of his trips.

Jon, on one of his trips.

If you buy Jon’s book, amusement is guaranteed; you should be prepared for some hilarious responses, some rekindled memories, an interesting exchange of opinions, revelations, scandal, cringing and secrets revealed!

I asked Jon what I should actually do with the book. ” Take it with you to a party or the pub, on holiday or a journey,” he replied. “You can ask them in bed or on a date.” Really?? “You’ll certainly get to know whoever you share them with better than you ever imagined,” he added. You’re not kidding, Jon!

Jon was born above a shop in Brownhills in the West Midlands. He and his family moved house many times within the area, even more so after his parents got divorced when he was ten and, at the last count, he has had more than twenty-five homes.

After completing school and doing a variety of work interspersed with numerous trips abroad, Jon spent four years in London before heading to Sydney Australia in 2000 to join his sister Jane. After thirteen years and some very precious times Jon returned to the UK and, wanderlust sated, decided to settle down. Where did those itchy feet end up? A few miles from where it all began … close to Brownhills.

ES: Thanks for joining us, Jon, and welcome to Hot Holidays! I must say that Can I Ask You A Personal Question looks like a lot of fun. I’ve just bought it and can’t wait to get started!
JS: I’m really happy to be here. And I’d love your feedback on the book.

ES: Oh, you’ll have that, I promise! Now, let’s start off your Hot Holidays! session by asking where you spent your last holiday and why you chose to go there?
JS: I went to Spain with my girlfriend. We just needed a break from the English winter and needed to feel some sunshine on our bodies. Because I used to live in Australia I really miss the sun and need to be topped up with it frequently.

ES: I can understand that. But, what’s your favourite type of holiday?
JS: I love beach holidays. They’re my most favourite.

ES: And your worst?
JS: Camping is my idea of hell. LOL!

ES: I’m with you on that! Where did you spend your best ever holiday and what made it so memorable?
JS: I went to Fiji a few years ago and met the most wonderful people. While I was there I also did four scuba dives and the underwater world in Fiji was breathtaking. Like being in an aquarium.

ES: Have you had any holiday or travel disasters?
JS: I once went to Koh Lipe in Thailand and tripped down some stairs. As I tripped and grabbed the handrail, the handrail broke off and I broke two of my ribs. The eight hour journey back to Bangkok was pure agony. However, I did upgrade to business class for the flight back to Sydney where I lived at the time.

ES: Ouch! Poor you! Good job you could upgrade. Tell us about a place you long to visit and the reasons why.
JS: I’ve always fancied going to Mauritius. It looks incredible. Hopefully, I’ll get there one day before too long.

ES: Who is your favourite travelling companion(s) or do you prefer your own company?
JS: My girlfriend Meg is my perfect travelling companion.

ES: If we promise not to tel Meg, can you tell us if you’ve ever had a holiday romance?
JS: I’ve had a few of those!

ES: Ooh! Details, please!
JS: Once a very attractive American girl came over to me on the beach and asked if she could hang out with me. I said “no worries” and we hung out together for about eight days.

ES: Interesting! And how would you spend your dream twenty-four hours if you could travel to multiple, worldwide destinations with no travel restrictions?
JS: I’d go island hopping in Greece, drinking cold beer and enjoying their food and beaches.

ES: And finally, what tip or piece of advice would you give to holidaymakers and/or travellers?
JS: I’d advise that you put the effort in and get to know the locals. It makes for a great holiday experience.

ES: I couldn’t agree more! Thank you so much, Jon. And all the best with the book!

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