The Banjo is Live

Yes! It’s hard to describe the feeling when something you’ve worked on, sweated over, nurtured and poured your heart and soul into is finally live! But from today, you can buy The Banjo (Book One) on

Although today, Friday 13th May, is the official launch date, it went live late on Wednesday night. Within minutes, the first download took place and it was my old, schoolfriend Margaret Richardson – or Maggie Wood as she’ll always be to me – who bought it. She immediately sent me a Facebook message about it, too, which I know she won’t mind me quoting here:

“Have just read your introduction. I lived in a house with a big room and a little room. We also had a landing and a little landing. Nowadays people do not know what you mean. I remember using that terminology at work and having to explain what it was along with scullery and lavatory. Memories ……. Xx”

Aww, thanks, Margaret! Yes, there was a lot that was unique to Dagenham, including the term, The Banjo, of course, which is Dagenhamese for a cul-de-sac.

So – there it is! It will be out in paperback in about 2 months but in the meantime, it’s there for you to enjoy on Kindle. You can download the Kindle app free of charge.

To those of you who have bought it, or are planning to, a huge THANK YOU. And sincere wishes that you enjoy it!

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