Worst Nightmare

No – not Brexit!
I have had a writers nightmare this week. Or rather nightmares, in the plural. APUA (Antigua Public Utilities Authority – motto Necessary….for life) are in the process of “load shedding” at the moment. I do not understand what this is, but it involves the power going off for two or three hours several times a day. On Monday, I had my coffee and breakfast, flexed my fingers and sat down ready to get on with my book when I realised the power was off and both my iPad and laptop needed charging. My fault I know!!! So Monday was a write-off as a writing day.
On Tuesday – with both iPad (for incidental research) and laptop (for writing book) fully charged I really got down to it, writing almost three thousand words – 15 pages. I was very pleased with myself!
On Wednesday, I woke up to no power, but what did I care? I was fully-charged again and fully-prepared! Oh, Elaine! Pride goes before a fall! I switched on the laptop to discover that the previous day’s fifteen pages were lost. Cussing, I searched for them on the laptop – I even looked on the iPad in case I’d written them on there without realising; I do have the odd senior moment. Then I realised; the iPad automatically saves everything, but the ******* laptop doesn’t. Everything has to be saved manually before you close it down.
Oh dear!
So, I spent Wednesday trying to remember what I’d written. I could remember some, but just thought it better to approach the whole piece from scratch. Lesson learned.

I’ve had a rather nasty experience on Facebook. I have to say, that the whole Referendum has completely put me off social media. So much nastiness; so much hatred; so much bigotry; so many insults; so much childish behaviour from both sides. I’ve been trolled by a woman called Sarah Savage, Producer/Director at the Artful Theatre. I have never actually met her. Last year I went to see a performance of The Killing of Sister George that the Artful Theatre company put on, in which she took a role. I enjoyed it and sent a congratulatory message to their Facebook page, as you do. The result was a friend request from Ms Savage, which I accepted.

On Tuesday I shared something Richard Branson had said promoting Remain. I added my own comment that he forgot to mention his off-shore bank accounts and his fear that his shares might dip in the case of a Leave verdict. Sarah Savage commented:
We need collaboration in life not isolation! Look out not in, share don’t hoard. This is a global existence not some small minded islander mentality! Dinosaurs or creators? I know what I prefer!

I was a little taken aback at the vehemence of her post, given that she doesn’t know me and that I am, in effect, a client of her company. But, I know that passions run high sometimes.
On Wednesday night before going to bed I posted, once again, on my own Facebook page, my hope that the British public would have to balls to vote Leave as I felt it was time that someone stood up for the working class, who I honestly believe are the ones to have totally lost out since the EU has morphed from the Common Market into what it is today.

The following morning, I woke up to this:
How is the weather in Antigua? Must be lovely to have a second home there? Enjoy!

I was unsure of the point being made. Was it because I had mentioned David Beckham and Richard Branson don’t live in UK and I also spend part of my year away? Or was it because a working-class girl from a council-house in Dagenham shouldn’t own a holiday home? Although I felt that I didn’t have to explain myself to this woman in any way, and because she was – as the Spanish say – beginning to irritate my ovaries – this was my reply:
It’s a bright, hot, breezy day today, Sarah, thank you for your interest and concern. Yes, being able to come to beautiful Antigua is lovely. It’s also the result of hard work, sacrifice and saving up. Spending time abroad has helped me understand fully about things such as integration, diversity, tolerance and acceptance. Here in Antigua, of course, there is no language barrier as they speak English. Unlike my 16 years spent in Spain and two in Greece, where I threw myself into learning the language so that I could fully embrace the culture and eventually qualified as a Spanish interpreter and translator with the Institute of Linguists. Travelling also helped me see things from another’s perspective and to respect other people’s views and opinions. Just as well, or I could have ended up an inward-looking, isolationist little-islander!

As we are five hours behind BST I was able to watch most of the Referendum on-line – the power stayed on!! I was pleased to see a Leave victory and before I went to bed posted, on my own Facebook page: Going to bed with a smile on my face, feeling excited.

I woke up this morning to this:
Hideous result…. Think! Observe! Watch the whole lot go down the tubes. Thanks on behalf on my grandchildren. Enjoy the sunshine.

Lady, you have gone too far! This is my reply:
I do not know your grandchildren. But children learn by example. And my biggest fear for them would be having a grandmother who only believes in free-speech if everyone agrees with her and if in a democratic vote the majority of voters don’t vote the same way she does then she hurls insults at them and behaves like a petulant child.
Learn some manners. You know nothing about me so get off my Facebook page with your pathetic comments and accept the democratic process like a grown up.

I have, of course, unfriended her and will block her. Unfortunately, this madwoman doesn’t appear to be alone. I’ve heard that people are petitioning for a second referendum as the first one didn’t give them the result they wanted. And that London wants to break away from England. You couldn’t make it up! I’m blessed with friends of all political persuasions, religious views and opinions, many of whom voted Remain. Yet we all respect each others views, without resorting to insults, foot-stamping and name-calling. It amuses me that those who accuse Leave-voters of being “vile” and “haters” can’t seem to see that, by their actions, they’re exactly the same.

Oh well! One thing for sure, though, the next time the Artful Theatre put on a production, I won’t be in the audience.

And speaking of audience – you’ve one last chance to see IRONS – a hilarious play about three West Ham supporters – at the Broadway Theatre, Barking on 19th July, before it goes off to the Edinburgh Fringe. You don’t want to miss that, do you?

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