Worst Nightmare

No – not Brexit!
I have had a writers nightmare this week. Or rather nightmares, in the plural. APUA (Antigua Public Utilities Authority – motto Necessary….for life) are in the process of “load shedding” at the moment. I do not understand what this is, but it involves the power going off for two or three hours several times a day. On Monday, I had my coffee and breakfast, flexed my fingers and sat down ready to get on with my book when I realised the power was off and both my iPad and laptop needed charging. My fault I know!!! … Read the rest »

My Little Grand Tour

It was over so quickly; my Little Grand Tour. Two and a half weeks passed in the blink of an eye. But what a two and a half weeks they were!
I left V C Bird International Airport on 28th May. It was the first time I’d left from the new terminal building and I was very pleasantly impressed – apart from the attitude of the Immigration Officer – Did you have to look so bored, Miss? Nobody likes being yawned at! – and the cost of a diet coke and bag of crisps… $27EC!!! I know that airports are … Read the rest »