Talking Books, Bloggers and Brum

Last Saturday I was thrilled to find myself back in Birmingham for a Bloggers and Authors Get Together organised by the writer and blogger extraordinaire Kim Nash aka Kim The Bookworm, whose second novel, Escape to Giddywell Grange is out now.  It was so good to find myself among so many distinguished writers and bloggers; bookie people – my Tribe! Many I was meeting for the first time, but others are people I love and adore like Shell Baker of

Shell Loves A Selfie

Shell is a dab-hand with the old selfie-stick as you can see.  And she has the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen – the photo doesn’t do it justice.

It was also great to see Linda Hill again – – someone I could sit and chat to all day long and Rachel Gilbey of Rachel’s Random resources – – who organised a great blog tour for Singles, Set and Match.  We spent a great few hours, getting marketing ideas, picking up tips and making plans. I enjoyed everyone’s company. I’ve been out of the loop for too long; too many other things getting in the way, unfortunately.

Of course, being me, the day was not without its drama.  I used my pass to get to Euston and my ticket Euston-Birmingham was on my phone. Consequently I didn’t need my purse for anything until I got to the loos at Euston which you have to pay to use. I dived into my bag: no purse!  I immediately knew what had happened – I’d taken it out of my bag to make room for my makeup bag and bottle of water and had left it on the kitchen unit.  At least, I hoped that was where it was. Crossing my legs I went upstairs to the Virgin Upper Class Lounge and threw myself on the mercy of the wonderful receptionist who let me in to use the facilities.  I then rang Kim who said she’d sub me.  What a wonderful friend she is!

After the get-together I met up with my old friend L – and once again she had to sub me for our meal!  Thank God for good friends.  I spent a great few hours with her, too.  So lovely to catch up and it’s always as if it’s only a couple of weeks since we last saw each other and not over a year.

The journey back was delayed and by the time I got home it was after 11pm and my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth as I hadn’t had anything to drink for hours.  And there on the kitchen unit was the purse!  And I was grateful for that, because in the back of my mind there was the little niggle that I’d dropped it.

This week has been spent working on TV scripts which are almost done. More about that little project shortly.

And on Sunday I’m off to Lewes to  WOFFF – the Women Over Fifty Film Festival – where Only the Lonely is showing.

It’s nice to be getting out and about and doing creative-connected things again.

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