Talking Books, Bloggers and Brum

Last Saturday I was thrilled to find myself back in Birmingham for a Bloggers and Authors Get Together organised by the writer and blogger extraordinaire Kim Nash aka Kim The Bookworm, whose second novel, Escape to Giddywell Grange is out now.  It was so good to find myself among so many distinguished writers and bloggers; bookie people – my Tribe! Many I was meeting for the first time, but others are people I love and adore like Shell Baker of

Shell is a dab-hand with the old selfie-stick as you can see.  And she has the most amazing hair … Read the rest »

Chelle’s Book Review

I am leaving for a long-stay in Antigua and so have been very, very busy packing up my stuff for storage, the tip and charity shops and having farewell drinks and lunches with friends and family for the last few weeks. Stressed or what?? Consequently I’ve fallen behind with my blog. I will post long catch ups once I’m the other side of the Atlantic.

Meanwhile – here’s an interview I’ve just done with the wonderful Shell Baker of Chelle’s Book Reviews for you to enjoy. xxx  And if you enjoy it, please feel free to share by clicking … Read the rest »