Ev’ry Little Ting

The photo doesn't do it justice

The photo doesn’t do it justice

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster week; certainly one that’s sped by. I mean, how can today be 4th February 2017? What happened to January? And Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?

I psyched myself up for my dentist’s visit on Wednesday morning but I needn’t have worried. I didn’t feel a thing and recovered amazingly well – no bleeding, no pain once the anaesthetic wore off, no need to take any painkillers. Magic! And I know that this speedy recovery is down to my little yellow pills. ūüôā

I’m suffering with … Read the rest »

Bull and other stuff

I’ve had to have words with the cowherd.¬†

I have to point out here that I was the only one having words, as he just grunted.¬† I’m not sure whether it was in approval or disapproval.¬† You see,¬†until fairly recently¬†the area that is Five Islands New Development was just open land and so local people used it as their own personal grazing ground for their goats, cattle and horses.¬† Now that there are houses built, albeit not too many, they still let their animals roam.¬† Before I had the fence put up I heard a terrible commotion one … Read the rest »